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Gunner Z is a fun arcade game for your iPhone or iPad. The app was developed by BitMonster Inc, who were also behind Lili. It's first version was released on Oct 02, 2013. The Game Center leaderboard features your score, so you can compare it and compete with friends and peers.

Gunner Z is currently available for the iPhone 6/Plus, iPhone 5/5s, iPhone 4/4s, iPad and iPad Mini running iOS 6.0 or higher. You can download Gunner Z using the QR code or by clicking the "Download" button below.

You can read the app store reviews of Gunner Z below, in various scents, from other customers who have bought and used this app. Please share your thoughts and experiences about the game in the comments section at the bottom of the page. Your opinion matters!

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App Description

*IMPORTANT* iPod Touch (4th generation) NOT SUPPORTED

Take your fleet of customized “AC-HMV” armored assault trucks into a city overrun by an undead army! However, the enemies aren't merely mindless zombies; a powerful enemy military is using the engineered threat as a tool. Run by General Thacter, this twisted army utilizes undead soldiers and huge biological beasts as weapons alongside remotely operated mechanized units such as aerial drones, tracked RPG turrets, APCs, tanks, and more. The only force capable of stopping the undead army is YOU!



“Gunner Z for the iOS looks pretty damn amazing”

“Our 36 most anticipated iOS games for the rest of 2013”
-Pocket Gamer UK

“Ten times scarier than most zombies you’ve probably seen”

“Meh. could b better”
-Some comment on YouTube


Install and customize machine guns, rockets, grenades, guided missiles, giant miniguns, and future weapons like railguns and aim-assisted smartgun systems. Install powerful camera and turret sensors including recoil stabilizers, explosive and threat detectors, jammers, proximity detectors, zoom lenses, and more!

Search for valuable “VIP” enemies and earn cash, health, level XP, and ammo as you clear out hostile intersections and wipe out ambushes. DESTROY ALL ZOMBIES!!


• Full controller support
• Jaw dropping NightVision imagery
• Dynamic levels
• Both military units and undead zombie hordes
• Vehicle and armor customization
• Huge array of weapon and sensor upgrades
• Perks for player and vehicles alike

• Airplay support for AppleTV
• Character levels
• Dynamic Weather FX
• 30+ Missions
• Friend Challenges
• Game Center leaderboards
• iCloud support
• Share replays with Everyplay

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Download the app

Available now for download on iPhone or iPad

Gunner Z is completely free to play, but some items can be purchased for real money. If you don't wish to use this feature, you can restrict in-app purchases by disabling them on your device.

Download on PC or Mac:
1. Open the iTunes on your computer.
2. Go to the Gunner Z application page and click on the install button.
2. Sync your iPhone through iTunes to complete.
Download via App Store:
1. Open the App Store on your mobile device.
2. Tap in the Search box and type Gunner Z.
3. Tap the 'install app' button, located to the right of the app title.


* Gunner Z may be available in some countries.
You can securely create an apple profile with your information, but you have to be registered to iTunes in order to get the "Gunner Z" to your device. If you don’t have an active account, please register to iTunes store with a credit card number. In case you are not interested to open an account with your credit card, you can select the option ‘None’ during the secured registration.

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App Reviews

Positive - 84%
Need to fix freezing bug. Okay so I seriously love this game, but I can't finish a single mission BC it keeps freezing and I have to close it out and
restart it. So can you please fix this bug, I'd greatly appreciate it ️
Great game!. I love it! Please update with new content!
Great but just lost everything. This game is all some but it just list the data so please fix that i had everything but now i have nothing!:(:,,,,(
Fun! But crashes way too often.. The game is suspenseful and a lot of fun, only after every mission, the game will crash. Hopefully a future update will handle
this, otherwise awesome game!
Great game. Great graphics and almost never lags. You can easily progress through the game without spending any real money which is a huge
A must have!. Fun, exciting and KILL ALL THAT MOVES!
really fun. This is a great game for full out mowing down of the undead! The weapons are a treat to see in action. On an iPad Air its pretty
smooth until the action gets crazy then it starts to lag and hiccup. Wi
Good with minor frustrations. Good. Took me a while to get a feel for and get into. Why so many identical P.E.T.S. offered? Possible to use more than one
simultaneously?Tips. Accumulate double or triple the BX needed for new vehic
Black screen. Every time I start a mission it the screen goes black
Update fixed unresponsive control issue.. Nov 11, 2014Well, that was quick. Update today fixed issues with controls sticking and/or becoming unresponsive.----Nov 10,
2014Ever since updating to iOS 8, controls have been unresponsive.
Best game ever. This is the best game i have ever played. The weapons are so cool and it has a very fun game play !Thanks a lot for making this
wonderful game, please make more cool updates.
Little problem. I had this game for a while last year and i deleted it but had the save feature thingy on. I uploaded it again some days ago, and
it gives me the "we have to download your saved game if you dont want
Awesome but I have a suggestion. You guys should put in something that makes it to where you can fuse 2 pets together and have both abilities in one pet
New Three Star Weapon. Can you make a flammable weapon with three stars for the next update? That will be awesome.Thanks.
Addicting and great tech support. 100% awesome and when I had a problem the tech supports guys helped out a bunch.
Great game, but crashes.. Fun as hell, but crashes and lags a lot on my iPad mini.
Best zombie game. Forget dead trigger 2 , this is the best !
Crashes Every Time!. I love this game. It is so fun and addicting. But now every time I play a level, it freezes and crashes. I cannot play through a
whole level. Please fix and I will change to a 5 star!
Love this game. Toasting zombies, earning and BX, upgrading weapons and trucks. Fun times
Icon. Change the color icon or at least more better
Awesome update!. In a couple of days I maxed the new trick and a couple more days I maxed the arc cannon! :DI love the arc cannon. It should be
called the hammer of Thor or something. ;:P
Tier 3 weapon. The Arc weapon does not upgrade nor works while trying to use it. Needs a fix.
Great shooter. Ber fun and simple keeps me coming back daily especially now with a new update, just wish they came sooner but programming it
takes time I guess
Trust me. I had this game on ipad and played for long time and unlocked every gun in game , this game is quit enterteining at start u will
meet alot of suprises and new enemies , well this great game and i rec
SOOPER FUN. Great way to pass the time, good graphics. Thanks
Aurora of Decay In a Good way. Zombies behave as cannon fodder in an entertaining way as you see your score climb up higher with each kill. Definitely an
enjoyable way to burn time
Addicting. Cannot stop playing. I learn something new every time.
Excellent. Excellent game but will be better with a few improvements. I highly recommend it.
Need More. .more cities, more levels, chance to switch weapons mid-play. Overall, very good, but can we get a new non-Christmas verion?
Great support. I recently lost missions and purchases. The support team was responsive and helpful and made me whole
Great app! But.. Gunner Z is a great app! But I have an iPod 4g- please support the iPod 4g! Then- I would give it five stars.
Killing zombies. I really like the improvements with the addition of P.E.T.S and the daily challenges it has made it even more fun and easier to do
upgrades. Zombie games are my favorite kind and this game is at the t
I love this game. I would have paid 50 bucks ten years ago for playstation
Creativity. it works very well!it is full of creativity and the first time I play it ,I find it is the app I want to play.
Great fun. Lots of fun and slightly addictive. But best of all, it is very challenging. I play this game way too much.
Entertaining. Easy enough to learn, hard enough to keep you playing. Weapons are awesome, and my favorite part is you can play continually
without being forced to buy in-app purchases. Hope for future updates to ex
Wooooow !. One of the best games ever is played on the iPhone 3
Cool. Love this game. Quick paced, cool graphics, good difficulty, and quick loading. Great way to pass the time and highly recommend it
to anyone who loves killing zombies.
Full of action. It is full of action and it reminds me of some certain game but toned down a little meaning, no kill stakes, few attachments. All
in all, the developers of this game did a great job.
Awesome. Good game including graphics and ability. It is an awesome game on the go or at home. Very fun and an excellent time passer. I
thoroughly enjoy it.
Lo máximo !. No he jugado otro mejor que este ! Sencillo e increíblemente completo !
Very fun. If you have any down time, this will eat it up.
Awesome game. Gunner Z just keeps getting better. Plays flawlessly on my iPad 4.
Good times!. Great game once you get the hang of how to control the movements of everything. The shoppe has some cool stuff, but you can earn
most of what they have in the store. So it just depends on how you like
Well done!. This game is so addictive, 4 stars, prices are to high NO BUENO
yes i relise.. ok i relise its not supported for 4th generation but i would enjoy if it would because i have an ipod 4th that i use alot more
than my other and it actualy lets me load in and everythingnit just crash
Please add one thing please. Please make a human mode where its a first person shooter with a gun in ur hand please.
Love this game!. I will be sad when I finish all the levels
Cool application. This app not bad but no too good, 4 stars
Natural - 16%
Blank screen. After the initial mission page the operation center to loading page the screen goes blank. Has happened over 3 Times now each time
the app was uninstalled and reinstalled. Sad face!
Wow. Great game. Please fix the crashes though. I'll be playing and all is good and then it just shuts down. I would spend money on
this game if it didn't crash.
Crashing. Every time i open the game it crashes instantly , i redownloaded its still crashing .
iPod touch 5. Needs update it stays in loading screen for ever
Does not work!. Keeps crashing. Why does it keep crashing after most updates?
:/. Had this game before; it was fun. But I downloaded it again recently and it keeps crashing. Please fix!
White screen. Was good until screen starting going white.
Great game with major bug. I enjoyed the game play immensely.when it worked. Had to start over twice when my game data went missing from iCloud. Game deleted
from iPad until they fix this unacceptable bug.
Help. I want to play but never loads all the way it keeps crashing on me and I never get to play TT plz fix this problem
Lag. I loved the game, the graphics and the gameplay is great. The only problem I have is the lag. It seems to be over bearing at
times, but if the lag were to be fixed I would give it 5 stars.
Exit. When i enter the game it just exit plz fix it

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