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Bitstrips App

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Genres: [Entertainment | Social Networking]
Developer: Bitstrips Inc.
Release Date: Oct 01, 2013
Version: 1.6
Size: 17.04 MB
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download Bitstrips and play it on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. the application is compatible with iPhone 3GS/4, iPad 2.

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Developer Description

Share instant comic messages starring you and your friends.
• Design cartoon versions of yourself & your friends
• Put your friends in hilarious comics where anything can happen
• Show how you’re feeling with cartoon status updates
• Choose from thousands of customizable scenes, plus new ones daily

Join millions around the world using Bitstrips as a more fun and visual way to communicate with friends.

Get now this application with your unique ID and secured password.

Application Screenshots


How to Download:

Download Bitstrips free for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and iPad mini.
Download for PC or Mac:
1. Go to the Bitstrips application page in your iTunes and Click the button to download.
2. Sync your iPhone/iPad with iTunes to complete.
Download on the iTunes App Store:
1. Open the App Store on your mobile.
2. Search for Bitstrips.
3. Click the button to download and install.
4. Enjoy.

You can securely create an apple profile with your information, but you have to be registered to iTunes in order to get "Bitstrips" to your device.
If you don’t have an active account, please register to iTunes store with a credit card number. In case you are not interested to open an account with your credit card, you can select the option ‘None’ during the secured registration.
*This Bitstrips application may be available in some countries.

Latest User Reviews

(5★) Забавная вещица!: Класная софтина! Рекомкндую.
Feb 25
(4★) Love but want 2 things: AMAZING app w tooooons of options! Good ones too that are all relevant.2 things I wish it had:1. Better outfits2. Ability to
create friends images too!
(4★) Too much fun: I love creating a bitstrip for whatever silly thing going on with someone I love. Makes them smile too!
(4★) Totally Fun: The only thing constructive I can say is that I wish the app wouldn't just close while browsing.
(5★) Awesome app: Love Bitstrips. Make them all the time. Keep up the great work!
(4★) Love this app!: I love bitstrips! It's so funny! I wish they had a pregnancy section or option. But other than that it's awesome!
(5★) Bitstrips review: I love Bitstrips. However, you are limited with the bubble now since the change in Bitstrips recently. I would prefer we go back
to the old bubble option.
Feb 24
(5★) Crazy Fun!: This app keeps me entertained for hours! Love it!
Feb 23
(5★) How can you NOT like this app?: .it is so much fun. What a great way to have fun with sending out messages!
(5★) The App: I'm a late adopter, but I LOVE IT!
(4★) Love my bits: Always have fun creating my moods !
(4★) Good Humor!: I find this app can easily convey your feelings or comments about yourself or others in a funny and tongue in cheek way! Loads of
(4★) Funny App: I love this app.add cheerleaders to your menu
(5★) Awesome App !: I Love this App! I wish they would hurry and let people sign in without a Facebook , I'm not on FB anymore and now I can't open
Bitstrips SAD !
(5★) Supertasmic: I love this app. So much fun and I love how some scenes can be a little racy. Love it.
Feb 22
(5★) Mommakelley: Love it, Love it, Love it! Very easy to use & extremely addictive, lol lol
(4★) Fun: I find Bitstrips to be fun creating different scenes for different occasions. There should be, however, more apparel for the
(4★) Usefulll!: Очень удобная софтина.Рекомендую.
(5★) Fun, fun, fun: Great app to tap into the lighter side of life.
Feb 21
(3★) Improvement needed!: Bitstrips doesn't have the variety that Bitmoji has!Too often there's no cartoon that really expresseswhere I am! Though my
contacts are available to be a part of my cartoon,I don't like cartoons that
(5★) I like the improvements: This app has gotten alot better and I use it more ands more.
(3★) Looks good but.: This app looks amazing and very entertaining, but i can't play it. Please hurry on the email sign up since i do not have a
(5★) Comic relief: Love playing with this app with friends and my wife.
(4★) Cute!: I just do not always find what I am looking for.
(5★) New interface: I like the new version- the interface is a little better. Bitstrips and Bitmoji should be one app though.
(4★) Cool Communication: I just starts with Bitstrips. This is better than any app I have used. Bitstrips helps with expressing a multitude of feelings.
The updated options keep communication fresh and fun!
Feb 20
(5★) HopieH: This is the highlight of my week! Love it!
(5★) BITMOJI: LOVE IT ! Just wish I could make the sides of my hair gray.
(4★) ️️: A great way to express yourself️️️️
(4★) Fun to play: I love bit strips, I have made a few avatars for friends on Facebook. It would be great to make comics with more than friend.
Feb 19
(3★) BIDSTRIPS READ THIS IF YOU WANT TO KEEP A SITE: First off my friends have this app and I really want it but the dumb this about it is that not everyone has Facebook and I bet you
lots more people would get your app if you DIDENT just have to have a
(5★) BitStrip: This is a fun way to express yourself.
(5★) Love the editing ability!: Love that you can change the words, add conversations and change the facial expressions! Makes it more your own!
Feb 18
(4★) Um: Please update it so you can use your email to sign up I really want to use it but I don't have a Facebook thanks
(3★) Not bad: Not bad but there is one suggestion:1. Have more clothes to choose from.
(5★) Very Good: I get such a kick out of this app. In the beginning, it was a bit frustrating, and I'm sure I frustrated the support team, yet
they were very helpful. Yeah, there's a few more things I wish it did, bu
(3★) Please: Please make it open to email sign ups, I don't have face book and I really want to be able to use this app, please update it, the
app seems really fun and creative. And definitely not a waste of time
(4★) Likesbitstrips: I really like all of the current features.I have a lot of fun with it.it is amazing how often the cartoons apply perfectly with
things going on in my head. I only wish I could update my outfits with m
(4★) Neat: I like this app. I play with it from time to time.
Feb 17
(3★) Fun App. But.: We have a lot of fun with Bitstrips. But they have recently changed the app and taken away the "caption" styles. There used to be
4. Including the thinking and shouting bubble. Now you have only on
(4★) Improving: Bitstrips has been improving with more categories and situations. I primarily use it on my iPad. I would still like to have
better choices for clothes, hair and accessories for customizing my avatar
(4★) I like it, but.: It has my keyboard screwed up now. I have to go through several step in order to get back to my keyboard to type text.
(5★) super fun!: really enjoy this app. AND bitmoji
(3★) Not a fab of the new version.: I am sad that I cannot make characters out of my Facebook friends anymore. It would really be cool if I could just make random
characters without them being connected to a real person. Otherwise, I lo
(5★) LISTEN CLOSELY: I love this game it's awesome you get to talk to your friend but the only thing I didn't like is the new update it ruined
Feb 16
(5★) Needs ipad update: This is a cool app but needs a iPad version of it with landscape view as oppose to vertical
(5★) Love. I!: Easy way to give out your news with fun added!
(5★) Bitstrips fun: I love bitstrips! They are fun & make my friends & family smile & laugh! I've been told it looks just like me!
(5★) I wish it could go more: I like this APP but I really wish it could be used yo post to Instagram & twitter.
(5★) Good silly fun!: Probably not for everyone but I like making and posting Bitstrips, and also seeing my friends' strips.
Feb 15
(5★) Great, but.: I use this app daily with friends. It's a lot of fun.Only thing I'd improve is more casual outfits. Or the option to mix and
match. ] Other then that. Love love love it!
(5★) Love!: I love the little strips I can make with my "mini me"! It's fun!
(5★) Can't go a day without it: It's a blast! I have fun with it! You need to make some for people in wheelchairs.
(2★) Really Annoying: I'm getting really irritated. I've been checking back like every 2 weeks, and the app hasn't made signing in with out a Facebook
account an option yet. This is really irritating. Sorry about the bad r
(5★) Addicted!: I love this app. It's so much fun. As others have mentioned, it would be even better if you could go ahead and allow sign in
thru email. Also, maybe put in some cartoons about crocheting, my favori
(5★) Lots of silly fun: I love doing Bitstrips. It's a break from reality and let's me be silly
(4★) Fun app: Fun app to do cartoons with, fun for the whole family.
Feb 14
(3★) Great but,: This is a fun app, but I would like more control. Scene selection and setup, change outfits on the avatars I use, the use of more
than two avatars at one time, having multiple panels to tell a broader
(4★) Great App But.: I wish this app worked on the iPad. You can download the iPhone version to the iPad but it doesn't really work. This app would be
even more enjoyable if an iPad version was made available. It just ma
(4★) Tons of fun: I love this app. The only thing I'd like to change on it is to make it editable. I'm a little obsessive about being able to
correct mistakes. Also, I wish I could just back up in the voice bubbles to
(4★) Love it but needs more features!: Please add the non Facebook user option!
Feb 13
(2★) Bring back captions!: When I save the photo, the caption disappears.wth Bitstrips!
(4★) Housewife: I love it very much only i can't use it on Fb and instagram. Or is there anyway to use it because it works on texting.️
(5★) Lots of fun!: This is a fun way to show off your fun/creative side in your emails and posts on social media!
(5★) A lot of fun: What could be better than a free app that turns you and your friends into cartoons?
(4★) Yassss: It's amazing, I just wish there were more outfits and different custom abilities for the clothes as in, choosing specific clothing
pieces and shoes and different colors
(5★) Fun !: Thanks to Bistrick . I enjoy this app
(5★) Fun!Fun! Fun!: App is lots of fun! Needs more hair styles.
(4★) Unwelcome change: I don't write a lot of reviews, but I felt the recent changes to the app will turn some off including me. Before the last update
the written part of the bitstrip was part of the comic. Now, when you m
(5★) FUNNY THIS AMZEBALLS: I think u can relive stress with this
(4★) Fun and playful: I enjoy using Bitstrip to be silly and ad a little flair to my daily experiences. The only things I would change is having people
who aren't on Facebook use the app and customize pet characters to be
Feb 12
(3★) Not loving this update: I have loved Bitstrips! But, I'm not loving this update. I don't like the strange characters in them with speech bubbles that
can't be removed or edited. And I don't like that you can't change the st
(4★) Entertaining!: Bitstrips is fun & entertaining, I like it! Get it and see for yourself.
(5★) Too much fun.: I love this app. I have more fun with it then I probably should. I've become a daily "Bitstriper". It's a great way to joke around
with friends. It's also a great way to let your friends know what you
(4★) I love it but.: To start off, I LOVE BITSTRIPS! My issues with it are few but I'm sure they're a compilation of what others would like to see & I
have faith that the powers that he are working on it as I type! In res
(4★) Great! But Add more features :): The app is fun and entertaining.One thing I would like to do is be able to make a comic with more than one friend in a strip.Also
could add more outfits and hair styles.Other than that, the app is gre
Feb 11
(4★) Just fun: If your in the mood to make fun of yourself, family, and friends this is the place to be!
(4★) Enjoyable: Fun and easy to use. Love the ability to add comic to real photo
Feb 10
(5★) Awesome: Love this app.very entertaining.
(5★) Fantastic: I think the different situations are great! I wished that there were more hairstyles for women of color. Keep the strips coming!
(4★) Great stress reliever: I have been using Bit strips for over a year. I make comics for friends, family and I even have a following at my job. Searching
for just the right scene and the pithy words is very relaxing and enjoy
(5★) Love it: I love being able to express my emotions with cartoons.
(5★) Bitstrips: This app is fun and helps to get your loved ones smiling at tough times. It is uplifting
(5★) Bit strip review: Been using Bite strips for a while now and have enjoyed playing with this app! I try to include my wife in the various situations
given by the app, she on the other hand does not usr the app. Also t
(5★) Love it just one problem : When will you guys enter with email instead of Facebook?
Total 86 reviews with 87% ratings for this app.
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