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Genres: [Photo & Video | Social Networking]
Developer: Obvious Engineering Ltd
Release Date: Oct 14, 2013
Version: 2.0.7
Size: 31.24 MB
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Developer Description

>>> Chosen as one of the Best Apps of 2013 by Techcrunch <<<

Seene lets you capture and share the world in lifelike 3D by combining image, depth and movement into a shareable 3D photo, video or gif.

+++ iPhone 4 users: please note you cannot take seenes on iPhone 4, you can only view them.

• Capture lifelike 3D photos in under a second
• Tap to refocus and blur your photos after taking them by adjusting the depth of field
• Apply creative filters to enhance your shots
• Share special photos, videos, and gifs of your 3D seenes on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr & Instagram and messaging apps like Line
• Use the front camera to take fun 3D selfies
• Create and share sets of your favorite seenes
• You can save the hi-res originals to your camera roll too

Taking a seene on your phone is quick and simple. Point your phone at your subject and move smoothly in one direction – the app will do the rest. See around your subject by tilting your phone in your hand.

The technology behind Seene pushes mobile phones to their limit. We support iPhone 4S and higher for taking 3D photos.

We’d love to hear about how you’re using Seene, so please send any questions, comments or suggestions to feedback@seene.co

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Application Screenshots


How to Download:

Download Seene free for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and iPad mini.
Download for PC or Mac:
1. Go to the Seene application page in your iTunes and Click the button to download.
2. Sync your iPhone/iPad with iTunes to complete.
Download on the iTunes App Store:
1. Open the App Store on your mobile.
2. Search for Seene.
3. Click the button to download and install.
4. Enjoy.

You can securely create an apple profile with your information, but you have to be registered to iTunes in order to get "Seene" to your device.
If you don’t have an active account, please register to iTunes store with a credit card number. In case you are not interested to open an account with your credit card, you can select the option ‘None’ during the secured registration.
*This Seene application may be available in some countries.

Latest User Reviews

Nov 10
(5★) Should export stl. Files: This app is awesome, the only way that I could be better is if you could export stl files for 3d printing
Nov 09
(5★) Good app: Works very well, thanks for the app!
Oct 25
(5★) Cool app: I delete apps as fast as I download em. This app is going to stay for awhile
Oct 09
(5★) Awesome app: Really cool app the 3d effects are amazing and awesome.
Oct 05
(5★) Bit of a Learning Curve: But well worth the effort. Fun and creative, and will only get better as the community grows.
Oct 02
(5★) Great fun and original way to capture!: Loving this app. Works great on my iPhone 6 plus and is one of the reasons I went back to an iPhone.
Sep 08
(5★) Usefull app!: Really fun and usefull and great looking at others creations, my user name is mr. Cuddles come check out my seenes!
Sep 06
(5★) Instagram with an awesome twist!: Love this app. Totally different
Sep 04
(5★) Simply Amazing: App does what it says in spectacular fashion
(5★) Like Google tango: I was stunned when I stumbled across this app. This app uses points in space the way nasa follows stars to understand their
distance and point in space. Really brilliant stuff here. Well done! Really
Sep 02
(5★) Fun and lots of potential!: Finally an app that makes use of the power of an iPhone! Super fun if you are into photography at all, or just like a fun party
trick at the least. Been dreaming of this idea for an app, and so happy
Sep 01
(5★) Excellent: Works better than any app out there, fast, effective and free.
(2★) Promising but VERY problematic: This could really be a great app. But unfortunately it needs a lot more work before it gets there. To start with, objects get
stretched and distorted. Body parts get frayed on the sides when perspecti
Aug 31
(4★) Very cool: Excited to see what the future holds for this app. Very very awesome!
Aug 30
(4★) Excellent update, one request: Really impressed with the improvements to the app, and anyone I show is instantly mesmerized and goes to download it for
themselves. I love that I can capture 3D images in under a second, but if I cou
Aug 28
(5★) Just an FYI: Cannot open on iOS 8 beta, crashes @ launch. Excited to try it soon!
(2★) Much effort for so little: You really need to put a lot time into this for one photo. Good start, but needs more perfecting. It would help to put more
effort into tutorial.
Aug 27
(5★) Awesome!: If people take photos in order to preserve memories, then this app is great! The 3D and angle control brings to life a little more
than a regular photo
Aug 25
(3★) Good app but: Good app but it keeps shutting down whenever I want to save a scene to my phone
(4★) Awesome: This app has awesome potential. It is addicting,fun and makes you view things differently. A little buggy at times but once you
get the hang of it, it is a fun app.
(4★) Good app, has potential: Seene is a great app so far. It is still very new, and so it definitely needs work. But it is still very fun to mess around with.
When one of your 3d pics turn out good, it looks amazing! I cannot wai
Aug 05
(5★) Nice 3d app: Nice 3d effects with minor errors
Aug 04
(4★) Great app: Great app but the dots does not do a nice job. I think you should make the dots be controllable by our finger
Jun 24
(3★) Share photos without app: Pretty cool app, my only complaint is that I can not share a photo on Facebook without the user having to download the app to view
the pic. See bubbli.
Jun 21
(5★) Very Fun: Very cool way to capture your images.
Jun 12
(5★) Such a unique and furnished App: This is the technology which segues the traditional aspect of capturing light into the Now.What a great community of app users as
May 23
(4★) Interesting application: Love the 3-D aspect of photography. I wish the Seene scene could grab black things as well.
May 18
(4★) Muy buena: Le falta distinguir mejor los fondos
May 11
(4★) This is definitely one of the most revolutionary a: Amazing! This tech is very cool and i cant get enough of it! Although you cant disagree that it needs some upragedes on the
dimensions and depths of the angles but it still gives a very impressive cap
(5★) The future of instant photos: This app is pretty awesome. It takes some getting used to, but once you begin trying out different subjects and realizing what
subjects work with what backgrounds, you can do some amazing things with
(4★) This is definitely one of the most revolutionary a: Amazing! This tech is very cool and i cant get enough of it! Although you cant disagree that it needs some upragedes on the
dimensions and depths of the angles but it still gives a very impressive cap
(4★) This is definitely one of the most revolutionary a: Amazing! This tech is very cool and i cant get enough of it! Although you cant disagree that it needs some upragedes on the
dimensions and depths of the angles but it still gives a very impressive cap
(4★) This is definitely one of the most revolutionary a: Amazing! This tech is very cool and i cant get enough of it! Although you cant disagree that it needs some upragedes on the
dimensions and depths of the angles but it still gives a very impressive cap
(3★) Close the loop: Ability to go full 360 would be awesome and open up a whole new way to create and share content. Would be so cool to make and
export turntables and scene files. Current capability just feels like a te
May 10
(5★) Love this app much!: simple yet very powerful and easy to use.
Apr 24
(5★) Try it and get hooked!️️️️️: This app is addicting. I love it. I
Apr 23
(4★) Seene cool app: Thanks for this app but need more work about design
Apr 19
(5★) The future is here.: I use this app everyday, love it.
Mar 25
(5★) Instagram: How cool would it be if Facebook bought this company and imported the features into Instagram?! That would be game changing!
Mar 24
(5★) Awesome Fun: Like holograms for your phone. Fun to make; fun to view. Would be great if we could get some more control of the process. I look
forward to future developments.
Mar 22
(5★) May UUU ?: Plz Allow us to share in instagram
Mar 18
(5★) Download this app! Believe me.: Best app I have ever downloaded. I am contemplating deleting all of my other apps and just having SEENE as my only app. If you
want to follow the latest creativity movement, follow and tag #SeeneTeam.
Mar 10
(5★) So fun and cool!: Offers a new, fun way to be creative! Amazing technology.
(5★) Great stuff!: Pictures in 3D. Incredible! Really simple to learn how to use. There are some real pros out there.
Mar 09
(5★) Amazing app!: This app is so cool, its also fun and easy to make seenes.
Mar 08
(3★) UPDATE: i love this app but now it just crashes now plz update this app
(5★) ÁMÂŻĮÑG: i lov it! it works. its awesome but… the way the sides of the seene is is kinda weird. BUT ITS AWESOME
Mar 03
(5★) Vsauced: Vsauce rec led me here and I dont recgret it. Thi app is amazing even if I cant use the photo create mode on my Iphone 4. Good
job! 3 yall!
Mar 02
(4★) Great 3D app: I love this app because the pictures speak for them selves to every one!
Feb 26
(4★) Interesting app: A cool 3D picture app that if fun and addicting. Would be cool if there was a full 360 degree mode.
Feb 24
(5★) Very good app: Only thing is that it should have more links so that you can share it on more then just twitter and Facebook. Only complaint. (:
Feb 23
(5★) App All Night: Jake from Vsause 3 recommended it, tried, it was a great app
(5★) Amazing app: Jake from Vsauce3 brought me here
(5★) Coolest photo app on the App Store: I love this app. It works great with food.
Jan 29
(4★) A grate app but.: A grate app all though the background gets sucked in the 3D but still an awesome app
Jan 27
(5★) So fun!: Asks for a whole new way of thinking when composing pictures. Very cool!
Total 57 reviews with 89.8% ratings for this app.
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