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Annoying Orange: Splatter Up

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    Oct 24, 2013

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Screenshot #1 for Annoying Orange: Splatter Up

Annoying Orange: Splatter Up is an action arcade game developed by Thruster. It is from the same team behind It's Fred. If you liked games such as Blast Site and Spider Climber, then you must check out Annoying Orange: Splatter Up.

Annoying Orange: Splatter Up can be downloaded now on the iTunes App Store for $0.99. You can download it using the following QR code or by clicking the download button below. The Annoying Orange: Splatter Up app It's compatible with most Apple iOS devices running iOS 5.0 or higher, including the new iPhone 6 Plus and iPad mini.

Join the Annoying Orange and his entourage for this splatterific home run derby game that is sure to put you in stiches. Swipe for the fences and induce maximum pain (and points) on unsuspecting fruits like Apple, Banana and Cantaloupe in the Kitchen of Casualty.


• Tons of characters and hilarious color commentary from Apple, Strawberry, Banana, the Annoying Orange and more!

• Bruise, burn, slice, freeze, electrocute and eviscerate your favorite fruits with a multitude of dangers in the Kitchen!

• A variety of pitches that start easy but will quickly challenge your timing and accuracy!

• Over 30 achievements to test your Resolve… which you will need plenty of after a round of this game. HAHAHA!

• Level up and earn points to spend on improving your key hitting stats!

• Powerful bonus items to maximize your hitting power and accuracy!

Need help? Use our Annoying Orange: Splatter Up Walkthrough or sign up and make your contribution today.

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Reviews and Ratings

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Rating Review Date
♥ 4 This game is Great! I love baseball so much. And these deaths are so hysterical. Look at orange's face! It is just plain
hysterical! It is extremely funny to see fruits get burnt, sliced, electrocuted, blended, frozen, and squashed to death.

What makes this game a little annoying is the fruitcake a
♥ 3 The game itself is great and all, but there are times when the swings are a bit slow and keep up with your finger movements.
Should really fix that.
♥ 2 This game is alright. Many things wrong with this game. Some of these fruits are impossible to hit. One fruit was thrown so fast
one time, the whole app crashed. There are times when the swing goes ri
♥ 5 Great fun game I love it2015-04-03
♥ 5 It is so addicting. But, it keeps on crashing2015-03-21
♥ 4 Its a great addictive game and I love it! I don't like baseball but splatter up is an excuse! But some things I hate. It crashes a
lot. And i have a iPhone 5! So my phone is fairly new. (Sorta) And le

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