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MyVEGAS Slots is a fun casino game for the iPhone and iPad developed by PlayStudios. It's first version was released on Nov 5, 2013 that ranks in the top 10 most popular applications in the U.S.

The myVEGAS Slots app is available on all iOS devices, including iPhone 6/Plus, iPad and iPad Mini, running iOS 5.1 or higher. myVEGAS Slots can be downloaded now on the App Store for free. You can download it using the following QR code or by clicking the button link below.

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Now the #1 Free Casino Game in the App Store

With over 100,000 five-star ratings, myVEGAS is the only free casino app that offers players a chance to get free rewards from top resort and entertainment partners, including Bellagio, ARIA, MGM Grand, Cirque du Soleil, and Wolfgang Puck!

“Bursting with awesome games AND real rewards, we love this!” -Appoday

Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

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Download on PC or Mac:
1. Open the iTunes on your computer.
2. Go to the 'MyVEGAS Slots' application page and click on the install button.
2. Sync your iPhone through iTunes to complete.
Download via App Store:
1. Open the App Store on your mobile device.
2. Tap in the Search box and type 'MyVEGAS Slots'.
3. Tap the 'install' button, located to the right of the app title.

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* This download may not be available in some countries.
You must have an active iTunes account to download the file, so if you don’t have, please register to iTunes store with a credit card. In case you are not interested to open an account with your credit card number, you can select the option ‘None’ during the secured registration.

Technical details

Contents: This app have in-app purchases to enable some features.
Leaderboard: Game Center supported.
Minimum OS Version:5.1

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Customer Reviews

  • 5 Star
      53 (47%)
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        32 (28%)
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          18 (16%)
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            10 (9%)
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            • Average Rating:113 reviews available
            • Let us know what you think. Rate and review it on the App store and in the comments section.
            Positive - 82%
            Cool game. I like this game, it runs well and it's fun! Haven't tried redeeming anything yet and not sure I even will.I'm just enjoying
            playing it. :)
            Fun way to earn Vegas comps!. This is a fun and easy way to earn free stuff in Vegas. This app used to crash all the time, but deleting it and reinstalling
            solved the problem.
            Crashing. Great and fun app but since the update the app crashes. Please fix.
            fun!. Fun app I wish the rewards weren't so expensive!
            Won't work. Mine has been stuck on screen that says we paid your bonus while you were out for two days now. Guess I'm gonna lose bonus wheel
            again today. Can't play at all
            So fun, real rewards!. Spent 2 nights at circus circus for free with a buffet for 2 our first night!
            Fun addictive app with bonuses. At first thought it was ridiculous with payout frequencies was small.but it's a matter of pacing and using the chips you have. If
            you have a small amount bet small. Large amount, your betting options
            Update. I love this game but something with the last update is wrong I can get my daily spins an everything but it won't let me play the
            game it's jus staying on the loading screen PLEASE fix it cause I'm goi
            Great fun. I love this app, it is engaging and fun!
            Fun game AND free/comp stuff? Sure!. Actually fun to play and you get actual/real comps! I think that's awesome!
            After new update. The daily spins are working again after the recent update. I do like the game for what it is, a game. I haven't tried to collect
            any of the prizes but I am hoping its hassle free!
            Moments. Games are colorful and fun. You get a lot more bonus spins on these slots. Fun.
            5 Star. Really good APP, if you have more gold rewards. You have discount for hotel booking and so on. Great.
            Fun and Free Stuff. Gamble online and get rewards for the real thing, can't beat that!
            So far it's OK. Just been playing for a few weeks. Enjoyable and like the variety. Disappointed in amount of chips you get every 4 hours. Other
            slot apps provide more. Haven't tried to redeem anything but based on
            vgirl745. Great new game. Crystal Planet for those not familiar, is the name. Love the graphics. Love, love the bonus game. All the games
            are entertaining. I can spend hours. Could pay out more often, but hey,
            I lost all my tokens. I bet too stupidly and now I'm out if coins. This is a stupid review but I'm just doing it cuz I'm sick of it asking me if I want
            to rate this app :)
            Fun fun fun. A great variety if slot games with real return! Jackpot!
            Vegas. The games are fun, haven't tried to redeem any points.
            Addicting. Love the games. Only four stars, not five because I don't like that if you miss one day of playing, your bonus spin resets back to
            day one. Lost four months of playing because of one day where I didn'
            Cute app. It is what it is.not as colorful and as easy to play as others but if the rewards work then it will pay off.
            Great site!. Nice slots plus some rewards to use when in vegas.
            Vegas!. This game is just as good as Vegas! Played it for hours
            Funnnnn!. Love this app. It's a great casino slot game. Small glitches. But it's still very enjoyable.
            J.barron. I enjoy this app very much.and the rewards are awesome!
            Easy to redeem. Went to Vegas last October the wife and I redeemed 7 offers and they were very easy to do, and saved money.
            So far so good!. Fun game to play during breaks and lunch at work, no issues so far.
            Really enjoyable game. Easy to redeem rewards! Lots of fun!
            love it!. So fun plus you get an excuse to go to Vegas, who doesn't love that:)
            I love it. It's a dope app I'm jus not buyin chips
            Fun Game. If your bored and want to have some fun play this game. It's awesome
            Many fun and great games. The many different modes keeps the app fresh and enjoyable.
            MyVegas slots. Great game with real advantages & rewards . 5 stars Sincerely Janine ParmeleeOh how do I send gift requests ? Still looking for
            how to send gifts . I get a few requests from time to time and am totall
            Fun games. I am enjoying the games and hope to earn some rewards.
            Easy and fun. This app is great if you're looking for good deals in Vegas. It's very easy to rack up points and earn free chips.
            Addictive. I can't stop playing, excited to get a free buffet meal
            vegascasino Savitri 1928. very addictive game you give enough tokens to play
            Crash!. Love to play, but the latest update crashes my iPad.
            Awesome game!. I like the fact that we get the opportunity to use our coins in order to get discounts. Games are really cool to play but the
            chips run out fast and the only way to get them is to buy more.
            Fun cool when it gives huge jackpots. Fun and great app but please make our life's easier and let us win make the percent of winning 70% and the app 30% lol
            Fun. Slots are realistic. Enjoy playing hem.
            So far so good.. The games seem to be a little looser than the slots in Vegas. I haven't tried to redeem any prizes yet. That will be the real
            test. So far pretty good.
            Anniversary. I'm going with my significant other to vegas for our one year, and to see Metallica in Rock in Rio. People recommended this app.
            There may be issues with booking hotel and flights, but, this great app
            Great game. Mom and sister love it. They've used their rewards points to pay for room and nights in Vegas and also meals. They go to Vegas
            atleast twice a year. This game just increase the ability to go more. Bet
            Ok_good. I think that it's really fun but you lose your chips so quickly whenever you go Uppalevel it cost more coins I don't think that's
            very fun.
            Getting addicted. Getting addicted to this pretty quickly. I love slots and this is fun!
            Fun and rewarding!. Always gives me something to do when I'm bored and I get something out of it in the long run
            It's A Game. Yep It has games. Flashy Lights. That's all I know.
            Love it. My other half got me playing this game and I absolutely love it.
            Vegaaaaas. This game is super fun I can't wait to win real stuff
            Fun game - Easy to redeem. Very fun game! A must if you frequent Vegas. My husband and I go once a month and the real rewards are awesome. We've never had a
            problem redeeming a reward, even purchased several rewards ten minutes
            Addicting!. Awesome app, if you plan on going to Las Vegas once a year, get this, you won't be sorry!
            Vegas here is come!. This game is so fun and I can't wait til I can go to Vegas!
            Decent game. Need easier ways to get coins. Makes it impossible for you to play
            It's great. It's great! I just wish you earned the Vegas stuff more frequently and you got more when you did
            Cool app but.. Good app but should earn chips faster
            Just started. We will see . Have been reading how people can redeem their points. Don't know yet
            Addicting and Fun. .But only 4 stars for now because after reading other reviews, I'm nervous about how complicated it will be to redeem awards. In
            the meantime, this game is fun and easy to use!
            Great. This game is awesome it's a free game yet you get real Prizes.
            Awesome app!. It's a great way to kill time and save TONS of money as well!
            Super fun! Real prizes! I love it!. Super fun! Real prizes! I love it!
            More free coins!. Would give it a 5 star if they gave you enough free coins to play for more than 5 minutes!
            Awesome. Fun slots with actual awards to earn!
            Great fun and you earn real stuff. Great fun and you earn real stuff
            Fun game but.. It's a fun game but after the new update the app closes when I click on the bonus coins. Please fix!
            Just like the real thing.. Don't know what I'm doing, not really winning, can only press a button.
            Awese. I love it it's so much fun and stress release
            Amazing. Love this game and it's awesome you can get rewards and use them in Vegas
            Great App. We have used our points for four trips to Vegas. Absolutely best app for getting rewards.
            Pretty fun to play. The game is plenty fun, but the rewards could benefit from a little improvement. Show tickets are blacked-out for over half the
            year, and it would be nice to have more reward options. I love free food
            Good game!. What other game can you play and win free stuff in Vegas
            Love. Can't wait to cash in for buffets and shows!
            Best slot game. I normally hate slot games, I find them pointless to play and a waste of time. This game however I do like because it gives you
            points toward real things. I happen to be going Vegas this summer end of
            Fasenas. Ver fun plus reqards for playing cant veat that
            Worth the download. Love it! It's so easy to play and collect coins and get awesome vegas deals
            Thank god. Love it I live in vegas when I don't have the real money I play it and I fell like I'am playing at the real slots yaaaaaaaaa
            Fun reel life casino slots. Very true to life and addicting!
            Real Rewards!. Not a fan of slots. But pretty fun & real Las Vegas rewards!
            My Vegas. The slots are fun to play. I enjoy accumulating the points that I'll eventually take advantage of using in Vegas soon.
            Great app!. Fun app, almost feel like I'm sitting at my favorite hotel playing the slots!
            Was great. Been playing for a long time and now all of a sudden I lost all of my reward points. It wiped away everything and started
            everything from the beginning
            Cool. So cool I feel like I'm in Vegas. I love this game. I love video games
            My name is Ray follow me on vines under princej914. This is one of the best games in the world I love it everyone needs this game
            Cute&Fun. Lots of little wins on many levels that you don't expect, and entertaining enough to be enjoyable. Recommend it
            Fun but hard to get money. It's fun but you have to wait 4 hors if you ran out of coins
            Natural - 18%
            Eh. Bad update. It taking forever to load. The journeys won't load nor will many of the slots. Please fix.
            not functioning. i got to my strip on "#1 fremont street" and I got stuck there. It wouldnt let me go into any games to play
            Not fair. Can we get more coins on the daily spin? And bonuses aren't available the way they should be! You loose coins way too fast and
            there aren't many ways to earn them back!
            Excellent concept. Love the concept. Support has not responded to my calls for help so I cannot proceed with the journeys and earn points. If I did
            not personally know people who cashed in points for real rewards I wo
            Money hungry company. I understand that you are out to make money but when I collect my bonus and spin 12 times and win's not any fun. And I'm
            certainly not going to buy more chips so that I can watch those disappear
            Don't spend money. This is a fun game to play but it blows through credits very quickly. I've gone through as many credits as 3,000 in less than 15
            minutes. I wouldn't spend any money buying credits to play this game.
            Misleading. This game is so addicting but I must say it does take forever to accumulate . You don't win much lately and as quick as you win
            you lose . I have been playing to get the jackpot and still nothing and
            No friends?. I like this game well enough. It takes a while to earn a decent reward, but did you expect they'd just GIVE the stuff away. I have
            been trying to figure out how to invite friends. I just read a descri
            Needs more bonus !. I like the game but it does need improvements like more daily bonuses 500 in coins does not last long at all!
            Not a fan!. Love the games but you can't advance unless you buy coins.
            Ok game. It's fun but haven't tried to redeem any points yet
            Impossible to redeem your points. The give a confirmation number. Then give a number to call to redeem your points but no one answers the phone. Tried all day. I
            love playing app but have to give it a 2 star because of this.
            So far so good. I haven't redeemed my rewards but I plan to this year and I hope it's not as bad as people say. Game is good and fun im learning
            to play lol
            Entertaining and Frustrating. Love the graphics and the creative thought process. Coins are too expensive to purchase so this is not my first choice in slot
            Great idea BUT. I like the idea of free slots, real rewards, HOWEVER, needs more opportunities for free coins. This can include liking on social
            media, commercials, etc.
            Cool game but don't try to redeem points for shows. If you want to redeem points directly at casino, it's no problem. BUT.if you are instructed to call the number on your rewards,
            forget it. I was trying to redeem points for Tournament of Kings. I was
            GAME IS PLANNED. Downloaded at the same time as my friends and we all played it for the same time together, we all got the same results for EVERY
            SINGLE SPIN. No differences at all. After the first 20 spins we all had
            Good game but,,,,,,,. Every time I play one of the games, it spins and won't stop. Then I get a pop up that says "waiting for net work." Please fix. I
            don't have a problem with Any if my other apps so I know it's not my ph
            Great Fun!. I used to love love love this app until the recent update. It's not fun anymore. The odds are so much less than before. I lost
            50 million coins in less than 2 days playing when I could. I am disapp
            Scrambled screen. Purchase option is all scrambled and the suppport option does not work.
            My game doesn't work. "My Vegas" I love playing this game alot on my phone. Plus I have so many gold coins. Whats going on with this game that I can't
            play it.
            Review. Low coin payouts resulting in requests to purchase coins which I never do. Seems to be a pain when trying to use reward points.
            Not impressed.
            Fun but annoying at times. Really really dislike getting the daily bonus spin (especially if I have no coins to play with) and I get the 100 loyalty for the
            day instead of playing coins. Should do away with that, what a waste o
            Ok so far, needs few improvements.. So far it has been fun playing the games and accumulating the loyalty points. I have not tried to redeem them yet so I don't know
            how that process will work when we actually do want to go to Las Vegas
            Fun to play; difficult to redeem. I have played this for a couple of months & going to Vegas next month. When I tried to redeem for hotel (for which I have "earned"
            plenty of pts, it WILL NOT ALLOW YOU TO REDEEM IF YOU WON'T GO THROUG
            Pretty fun. The game is fun, have along way to go to redeem prizes though but will see.
            Fun to play. I've been playing for about 2 months and so far I like it. I hope there is no issue when I go to Vegas to redeem points. The only
            issue I'm having is the journey mode is not connecting me to the game
            It's alright.. I sure would like it better if I was in Vegas cashin in on some if the rewards.

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