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Melt - Let's be friends is a iOS social networking application for the iPhone and iPad developed by Anomaly Innovations Inc.

Melt can be downloaded now on the iTunes App Store for free. You can download it using the following QR code or by clicking the button link below. The Melt app is fully compatible with all iOS devices capable of running iOS 5.1+ including the iPhone 6 Plus and iPad mini.


Do fun things with people from around the world.

Start a trend: Create a thread about something fun and get your friends involved

Share: Swipe left to add to a thread and be a part of the experience

Connect: See a post you really like? Double tap to send them a message!

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  • Screenshot for Melt

Download on PC or Mac:
1. Open the iTunes on your computer.
2. Go to the 'Melt Lets be friends' application page and click on the install button.
2. Sync your device through iTunes to complete.

Download Now

* You must have an active iTunes account to download the file, so if you don’t have, please register to iTunes store with a credit card. In case you are not interested to open an account with your credit card number, you can select the option ‘None’ during the secured registration.

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Customer Reviews

  • 5 Star
      47 (58%)
    1. 4 Star
        16 (20%)
      1. 3 Star
          10 (12%)
        1. 2 Star
            8 (10%)
          1. 1 Star
              0 (0.0%)
            • Average Rating:81 reviews available
            • If you've used this app, rate and review it on the App store and in the comments section below.
            Positive - 86%
            Im srry -_-. This app seriously ruined my life I honestly don’t think anyone should have to got through what this app put me through.This app
            needs to be deleted and remade.Honestly its not the app its self its
            Best. This is my favorite app. I've made several friends who don't care how crazy I am!
            I love Melt. Melt is a great community and a wonderful way to make new friends.
            Melt review. This app is literally my life im so in love with it omg this app is all I do basically lol but it's an amazing app so download it
            cause I promise you'll enjoy it!
            It's Pretty Good. . Not the best social media app I've ever had, but it's pretty good, most of the people on here are rude af, but other than that,
            it's okay.
            Melt is great. Doesn't matter if you delete it, you'll end up getting back on, practically I'm one of the most popular guys on melt.friendly
            people, fun to talk to.go ahead and download it it's awesome!
            Love, Love, love this app!. At first I was confused as to what this app was, but now I love it. I have met so many people on here and became close with a
            bunch of people. It's definitely worth getting. ️
            Thanks stephie!. Thanks to you this app gets better and better. I hope this continues loves Ya stephie
            Please fix this. I love the app its fun and great I would have gave it 5 starts but there is something that's making me really upset I go to update
            and edit my profile and it kicks me off my friends on melt have said
            Fun and addictive. This app is actually pretty neat! I was skeptical at first and yes some reviews are correct there are some teen users who think
            they are cool for disrespecting their elders, however since the new upda
            I love it. Melt is an amazing app. It's just the people there.
            THIS APP IS FACKING AMAZING! @Nickalus. Hey, I'm Nickalus on melt. Melts most pop person. I LOVE THIS APP! I LOVE STEPH! YOU ARE DA BEST! YASSSS!
            Great app!. Melt is a great app to download! I have made a thousand new people and made tons of friends. Had this app for two years:)! My
            other account almost had a few gems!:) Love this App:)!
            Melttttt. This app is lyfe I love Stephie and the rest of the melt community. Melt is a really great app and you should get it. you can go
            friend me @bremayess if Ya wanna.
            Love it. great app and loving everything about it! add me @yunesmezroub
            Love it!. I love this app! You get to interact with people, share pictures and videos and most importantly have a good laugh with one
            another! Melt is a great app and I would recommend it to anybody. Even tried
            Entertaining. Very entertaining to use and a good way to pass time and meet new people
            Lovin the update. Thanks for the new slick easy update makes chains more fun But if you can let us compliment every pic in the chain, and add group
            It's a very good app!. It's really cool honestly, it's a faster and new way to connect with people about their everyday lives. The things it needs is
            promo so more people will use it, I think it's time for a commercial!
            A review for melt. This is an amazing app trust me if u get this app u won't regret it because It is amazing it helps if u are bored or just to have
            something to do u can meet a lot of good friends on here
            Grr. My melt is not loading anyone's posts! I have ios7 but it was working just fine I turned my phone off then back on but now it's
            not working
            I CANT LOGON. With this new update or whatever I cannot log on and I have 4,000 friends. And now I can't ever get on again because I don't have
            ios8 because my phone doesn't let me update. GREAT. PLEASE FIX THIS I
            Username issue. I think this app is great but one thing tall should fix is the username thing to where we can change it more than once
            Melt name- Jordannflannery. I like it, i like the gem thing and how i meet so many people!
            Best app everrrrr. Love it so much got a lot of new friends
            This app is a fun way to meet new ppl. I have had the app for a couple of months and I personally think this is gonna be one of the new best social apps
            Different But REFRESHING!. UPDATE: Since the new update, I am very pleased to be apart of the Melt community! The redesign is refreshing and the ingenuity is
            spectacular! I recommended this app to anyone that is human and enjoy
            Little_bruno. This app is completely amazing! You get to even talk to the creator about any problems, and they fix it! I absolutely love this
            app! Wouldnt delete it for the world! P.s. Stephie is awesome!️️
            Fun app. Lots of fun and lots of people. This app is different than most. Love it
            Great but 1 improvement. Love this app but it needs to add a filter where you can select age sex and location of people
            Speshulkindafool. Melt- fkkn fun bunch of people!
            This app is awesome. I have so much fun with this app. I have started to make some really neat friends on this app. I will keep using it to help
            break the boredom of my reality.
            Melt my heart!. Love this app! I spend more time here than FB! Made new friends from the other side of the country! Melt is sic!
            Awesome app ️. This is an awesome and and I met lots of people on here that I can talk to and I recommend to people who have this get it because
            you can meet a lot of people
            Alonzo. I love melt its a great app and let you meet new people and explore yourself even more than you can imagin i would love it if melt
            made me a gem also.
            Good app. This app is the best. It combines 3 social networks: Facebook, Instagram, and snapchat. I really like it
            Love melt. I absolutely love this app! I am on it everyday and have met some absolutely amazing people. Just be careful for those who just
            want to see your body. I am a girl so I get asked a lot but if you say n
            Melt!. This app is great! User friendly and has helped me connect and meet tons of new people! Highly recommend
            Gems.. Its a really good app. I have even told many of my friends to get it but I find the "Gems of Melt" unfair. There is people with
            over 100 Gems while some people who actually never got one deserve one.
            ADDICTING. this is my new favorite app by far
            great app, just needs 1 improvement.. There should be a filter where you can find people based on age, gender and location.
            Very good app. Very nice, smooth and quick loading are there. Needs to have a filter feature though.
            Amazing. This app is one of the easiest ways to meet new friends that are extremely easy to talk to from just about anywhere. I would
            definitely recommend it.
            great. this is a fun app to kill boredom and meet new people around you and across the United States easy and fun to use to post pictures
            or comment on other peoples pictures
            Ya_gurl_stacey is my username. I love melt. It has given me a chance to meet some new amazing and cool people.
            My thoughts. Melt was something new to me an I have met some wonderful people from all over the United States and I like complimenting others
            on their pictures. Most of the people will respond if something nice is
            Awesome!. love the app!They keep improving it everytime I turn around!
            Good. Quite an interesting app. Great to meet friends.
            Great app. This app is really cool you can be social and meet a bunch of new people. You can either decide to just be friends or end up
            making a relationship with someone. So have lots of fun on melt!
            How this app can be improved. This app would be so much better if it didnt delete the photo notifications after you look at them and exit out of them, if it
            didnt delete previous notifications from someone when they post a new pho
            fun. i like it but i wish the messages would delete all the way
            Fun!. Just have to say this is the most addicting social app EVER! I have met some really cool people on here and I love the new update
            with the loop feature :)
            ️. This app is so cool best app ever every one go to it and follow me strong10kade
            Keep it up. Great app! Wish I could get a gem tho ThatGuyTony
            Great app.. I find myself scrolling through people for hours at a time. I give it a 5/5
            Melt App. Great app to share pictures and meet others. Love everything about the new update except for the 8 frame picture thing.
            . Great app. Please check your email.
            It would be really cool!. It would be really cool if you could change the color of the chat bubble! Just my opinion.
            Awesome app. This is a awesome app when I can chat with people and other stuff
            Melt Social Media. Love this app! I feel so social with everyone.
            Awesome. This is amazing app! I love this so much!
            Melt. This is an amazing app, it is like Instagram and snapchat mixed together
            Entertaining app. This app is fun and entertaining! U can quickly meet and MSG people from all over the world!
            Natural - 14%
            No. Honestly no.. This app causes so much drama. Yes it might be fun to chat and talk to people, but everything's about if your perfect or not. It's
            not fair to some people to get an app to make them mentally and physi
            Can no longer see posted pics. I'm giving this app 2 stars because I can no longer view posted pics since the update several months ago. An automatic zoom
            feature has been added, and now any selfies, humorous pics with captions are
            :/. There is so much drama on this app and it makes everyone angry and upset most times
            Age restriction?. I have had a melt account for at least a year now. And I recently went to edit my profile and my age had been changed to 00004 and
            the app forced logged me out when I went to change it back now I can'
            AppIsForTeens. If you're not a teen or in your early 20's.don't bother. It's loaded with teen guys with no shirts on and 13 year olds vapin or
            smoking. If you're older you'll just get made fun of. Admin seems to not
            Decent update with a few problems. 1. unable to change default age group thing2. Activity page still shows people i've unfriended3. activity page seems to show older
            updates after the newer ones and gives a misleading number of new upd
            Idk. Okay. So I have a problem. This app isn't the same. It's scary to see what's on this app. There's a lot of inappropriate stuff on
            that app. I believe the owners can do a better job at fixing it. I wou
            Love the app but.. I would give it five but I recently came across a problem. I don't know if it's my phone or the app but everytime I try to reply
            with a video and I play It back, there is no sound and it lags.
            Great app, but having issues. I have had this app for more than a year, and up until this point, I have had little to no problems. But now the app is not
            allowing me to log in, all it says over and over is that the app is having t
            Bugs. I cannot login to my melt and when it works it will not allow me to look at posts,messages,nor activity
            Confused. So right in the middle of my conversation melt immediately crashed and would not let me get into the app or do anything and it had
            not let me get in and i tried everything and it still would not allow
            Melt is a joy !. This app is just cool , easy and fun man !
            Eh. Great app but needs to be monitored better
            My opinion.. I use to really like this app but now there are little boys who disrespect every girl on there. Also, it is starting to run so
            slow. Its very frustrating.
            Angeleyes. Very fun app! Have met some very nice people. Wish we could keep the young kids off of it though.
            Fails alot. The app fails to send messages and accept request on wifi please fix and then it may b a 5-6 star app
            Inappropriateness. Yall need to work on blocking some content.there is a lot of indecent exposure and vulgar posts!
            I love it but.. I love the app but it crashes way too much. Some one really needs to fix it.


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