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Doctor On Demand is a iOS medical application for the iPhone and iPad developed by Doctor On Demand Inc.

Doctor On Demand can be downloaded now on the iTunes App Store for free. You can download it using the following QR code or by clicking the button link below. The Doctor On Demand app is fully compatible with all iOS devices capable of running iOS 7.0+ including the iPhone 6 Plus and , iPad mini.


Have a Video Visit with a board-certified physician, psychologist or more from the comfort of home! It’s free to sign-up - with no subscription fees. Get your 1st Visit FREE – Sign Up now and use code APPSTORE. Even get an Rx if appropriate. Doctor On Demand doctors and psychologists are rigorously screened, board-certified, and practice in your state.


Doctor visits are only $40 – about the same as a co-pay, much less than urgent care or the E.R. Our doctors can diagnose and treat most medical conditions. Our board-certified physicians can even write prescriptions, when clinically appropriate.


See a psychologist, at a time and place that is convenient for you. Doctor on Demand allows you to connect with doctorate-level psychologists to talk through issues such as stress, anxiety, relationship issues, depression, life changes, loss, and many more. Plus, sessions with Doctor On Demand psychologists are about half the price of traditional in-office care.


Moms can quickly and easily meet with our specialists for pediatric care, lactation consulting, or post-partum health issues.


- Cold, flu, cough, fever, allergies

- Short term-prescriptions and Rx refills

- Urinary Tract Infections

- Pediatric fever, advice or other issues

- Vomiting/diarrhea

- Possible sinus infections

- STDs

- Rashes / bites / skin problems

- Sports Injuries, Athlete’s Foot

- Smoking cessation

- Back pain

- Heartburn

- Breastfeeding questions

- Mental and emotional health issues and concerns

- General medical questions, “Should I go in for this or not?”


Traditional MD and therapy appointments can require long wait times. With Doctor on Demand, you can have a live video visit with a doctor from the comfort of your home, without having to wait. You can easily make appointments (typically same or next-day) with physicians, pediatrician, psychologists or lactation consultants visit in advance.

An important note about prescriptions: There are some medications that are not appropriate (or legal in some cases) to prescribe via Video Visit. They include: controlled substances, such as narcotics/opioids, certain sedatives or muscle relaxants, medications that require administration by a healthcare professional or training for first-time use, medications that require regular monitoring by a healthcare professional, some psychiatric medications and oncology drugs.

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  • Screenshot for Doctor On Demand

Download on PC or Mac:
1. Open the iTunes on your computer.
2. Go to the 'Doctor On Demand' application page and click on the install button.
2. Sync your device through iTunes to complete.

Download Now

* You must have an active iTunes account to download the file, so if you don’t have, please register to iTunes store with a credit card. In case you are not interested to open an account with your credit card number, you can select the option ‘None’ during the secured registration.

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            • Average Rating:133 reviews available
            • If you've used this app, rate and review it on the App store and in the comments section below.
            Positive - 98%
            Awesome time saver!. Easy to use and very convenient! Especially if you have a sick child. Dr. Phil is brilliant for creating this!
            Phenomenal Doctor on Demand!. The physician was nice and professional. The appointment was prompt. After the appointment they followed up to make sure I had
            received everything I needed and made sure I had the information I needed
            Love this app!. This is one of the best things ever. I used physiology! The dr was absolutely amazing! Very professional,caring, and kind. Made me
            feel comfortable! Recommend to everyone!
            It really works!. I got bronchitis and used the app myself for the first time and it was easy and great. My wife has used it about three times and
            loves it.
            Best App for anyone on a budget!. The first visit is free, which helped me quite a lot. The doctor I met with (Dr. Pederson) was a very experienced and personable
            Excellent!. What a great thing this is. Can't get over how good this is. Thank you DOD
            Incredible!. I'm not sure if I'll ever go to a doctor's office again, this is so incredible!
            Doctor's appointment from my sofa. That was the easiest doctor's appointment I've ever experienced.
            Medicine if the future. 6 mins from contact to diagnosis to prescription. Doc was amazing. This is medicine of the future. Simply AMAZING!
            Great way to see a doctor!. I have used this several times and am very impressed! The doctors I have seen are very helpful and do a wonderful job explaining
            issue to me. I didn't feel rushed and they didn't just say here take th
            The Greatest Invention after Cell Phones!. Works amazing! I had my reservations at first but as soon as I chatted with the doc my concerns were put to bed. It's just like
            seeing a doc in person. And 15 min is way more than what you need to dis
            My very first appointment went amazing!. Without a doubt I highly recommend this app to anyone! You're first appointment is free with a code APPSTORE.
            Thank you!. This is the kind of thing you hope for one day, and then it comes true! In and out of the doctor in 10 minutes without leaving the
            house -- and with prescriptions sent right to the pharmacy. Love it!
            Awesome Little App. This is definitely a winner! What a great thing to be able to take my child to the doctor in the comforts of our own home! I love
            it! The doctor was kind, courteous, and very professional. Her advice
            Really good!. For a person without insurance this will be a real money saver.
            So easy and simple!. Dr on Demand is fantastic! The appointment was simple to schedule and it began right on time. After a 3 minute professional
            consultation with Dr Powell, my prescription was sent to my local pharmacy.
            Holy mole ey saved my pretty pink eyes!. The best thing ever invented! Last years urgent care visit 350.00 this year's app at home visit "Priceless". thanks to the
            'appstore' promo code my first visit was free. Not to mention the doctor also
            Doctors are Hero's. I would like to say that that was probably the easiest doctors appointment I have ever experienced.Your office visit at your local
            physician's, will cost you more than a face-to-face on demand doctor.
            Wow!. I've had this app a while now. I used it today to have a embarrassing boil looked at. Very helpful, quick and easy. And it was
            free! I used promo code junefree and paid nothing! Dr called in a prescri
            Now I can stop worrying. Easy, affordable, fast. The doc was very nice and helpful. I will Definitely use again.
            Pretty awesome. I was nervous to try this but finally did. Had a nasty summer cold and they hooked my right up!
            Happy woman. Love Dr on Demand. Didn't gave to go sit for hours at an after hour urgent care clinic!
            Dr. on Demand. Excellent service!I was on with a Doctor within 5 minutes, he was friendly, knowledgeable and called my script in right away!I
            will definitely tell everyone I know about Dr. On Demand!
            In awe. I was skeptical at the beginning but after saying "what the heck", I'll never go to a doctors office again. It was fast, effective
            and efficient. I literally had my prescription ready 30 min after fac
            Excellent experience!. Couldn't be happier with experience - quick, compassionate and helpful for terrible inflamed spider bites right before set to
            leave on first vacation in years. And price and convenience means I will
            First time to use.. This was amazing. Dr. confirmed what I was expecting to hear by asking the right questions. The convenience alone is worth every
            dollar. I will definitely be using this again.
            The future of healthcare. I was treated in less than 5 minutes! No more driving to urgent care, then waiting in the waiting room for hours. Amazing.
            Will use again. Great experience. My dr was very professional
            Amazing!. Quick, easy, painless and just amazing! The download was quick the process is quick, the dr was great! I have no complaints!
            When you are sick and hurt going to the doc is har. This is an amazing app and concept. Got a doctors visit quicker than my local doc could confirm. Didnt need ER so i tried this.
            Got great advice, a super friendly doctor and a scrip for something to h
            Fast and convenient. Who could ask for anything more? Dr. Copra was nice and knew exactly what to prescribe me. Love the app! Best thing on this side
            of the Mississippi. ;-)
            Couldn't be better!. I was extremely impressed with the ease use of the app, the attentiveness of the doctor, and how quickly she diagnosed my
            symptoms! I would definitely recommend this app to any of my friends! I love D
            Doc. I love this app. The doc's are very professional and give good feed back!
            Incredible. First visit is free and I'm Ill at home and didn't need to drag myself up an out an go anywhere ! This is great
            So thankful for this service!. For someone like me who doesn't even have a primary doctor, this service is a blessing! I've used it twice and it is my "go to"
            for any health problems that arise. Thank you Doctor On Demand!
            First visit. I am very happy with my Doctor, and felt that the visit was well spent. I am looking forward to our next appointment.
            Excellent service. Love this service and app.great for routine things!
            Super easy to use!. I love this app! It took just a couple minutes to set up. My doctor has retired and and I don't have time right now to search for
            a new one but I was able to get a medicine refilled for 3 months which
            Awesome, how can you not love this ap?!?. This app is amazing. I could talk to the doctor waiting less than three minutes he had me diagnosed in the prescription called in,
            in less than five minutes. When you don't feel good you really don't
            Great app. This is my first review ever of any app I was kind of skeptical at first but this app rocks saw a dr while I was in my hotel room
            away at work Dr. Saw me sent me a refill of my prescriptions to my Wal
            More than I expected!. What an awesome service. My first visit was free so it gave me a chance to see if it was legit and it was. Easy sign up and I
            didn't have to wait long for a doctor. Dr. Alba helped ease my fears wh
            Convenient and Easy to use. The Dr was very professional and thorough.
            God I love this app. This is totally the future of medicine. I'm a physician by training and can't stand the inconvenience of scheduling doc
            appointments in advance and waiting in a stale waiting room for half an hour bey
            Great app, better support!. I experienced a technical glitch. Soon after I received a phone call from support that reconnected me with the Dr. It was a very
            coolexperience and I was amazed that the company is hyper-focused on a
            Amazing service. These doctors are legit.and extremely helpful. This has been my fifth visit, and all five have been home runs! I've caught some
            sort of stomach virus, and ran out of my Zofran ODT - the doc filled it
            Doc app. Yesterday I went to the doctor and was turned down after a 2 hour wait because my insurance didn't cover certain visits. I found
            this app and got connected with a doctor in 2 minutes and received my p
            DR. Elliot. Dr. Elliot was amazing! She was easy to talk too and she made me feel extremely comfortable about the situation. She was able to
            send my prescription to my local pharmacist! This app is wonderful and
            Excellent. Very understanding and very easy to use and they are great and they listen .
            GREATEST THING EVER. Omg this app is life-changing. I'm a busy student nurse and mother, so I was skeptical but desperate enough to try it. I saw a doc
            within 5 mins and now my prescriptions are sent and I never left my b
            Fast and easy!. Doctor was nice. Listened, and addressed all concerns. Made sure I didn't leave my session with any unanswered questions. Super
            thorough, and quick! Even found the pharmacy that I use, and called in s
            Friendly Doctor Very Convenient and Affordable. I will be using this for the whole family. Our daughter woke up with a headache, a fever, and swollen sore throat. 40 (you can
            find a code to get your first visit free) which is almost the same as a c
            Great service. I was definitely skeptical but this app is great. It is easy to use and definitely worth having. The appointment was easy to
            schedule and the doctor called at my exact appointment time. She was very t
            Perfect.. Great app easy to use. All from my living room. Dr was very helpful. Didn't feel rushed. She explained everything. Would do it
            Incredibly easy!. Able to see a doctor and get medicine all while my baby takes a nap in the next room. Incredible
            Excellent service!. Affordable, quick friendly & helpful service. What more can I say?
            Really Good. I've used this app twice now, it works pretty good but I did have an issue the first time with not being able to see doctor on my
            end. They called after my session to check in about it. Otherwise the
            Awesome dr app. Loved the app and the dr. And so much easier than going into an office and waiting. I loved it.
            So far so good. The app design is perfect. Everything is very easy to do and understand. My first appt is in a few days so I'll be back to comment
            on the doctors they pick. I love how you can get a doctor apt same da
            Revolutionizing Medicine. Perfect for someone who is unable to get in to see their primary care physician when a sudden ailment pops up, such as a sinus
            infection. My appointment was conducted on time and in a very professiona
            BA. This app is amazing. I wish I had known about it sooner! After suffering with a migraine for 6 days and in too much pain to deal
            with going to a doctor, this took less than 10 mins and I had a prescri
            Awesomely SUPERB!. Insanely awesome!If you are always on the go.If you dislike waiting for your turn in clinics or any doctor's office.If you just
            want an MD opinion.This is the solution. Doctor on Demand. I personally
            This is great!. Had a skin condition that appeared during the weekend. The doctor was able to diagnose & fill a prescription for me in less than
            15 minutes right from home! What a great app!
            Destiny Child. Dr Pederson was awesome! Love this new option for real health care! Thanks Doctors On Demand!
            Love. I love this app. I've used it a few times now and I've never had a problem. So convenient. I'm so happy I hears about this!
            SUCH AN INCREDIBLE APP!. I was very cautious when I first
            Impressed. This was super fast and simple. She was very helpful. Much better then waiting and paying a 100 copay at a UTC!
            This is the future.. This is the future of healthcare not some over hyped scam like Obamacare.
            Loved it. My son had sores all over his mouth and throat and within ten minutes of me seeing them for the first time we had a diagnosis from
            the doctor. No getting him out and driving and waiting. It was awes
            The Best of the Best !. This is an absolute wonderful app! The doctor was so nice and on the spot! I'm sooooo grateful for this app! I heard about the app
            on Dr. Phil and I am 150% SOLD on it! Thanks again!
            Wow! This is amazing.. This app is incredible and the service is even better. I used my iPad to access the service, and I was a little awkward in getting
            the camera just so. The doctor was patient with my fumbling and the v
            Dr Dean was very good. I tried the app for the first time. I was a little hesitatnt about calling because i wasn't experiencing anything urgent. I was
            worried that the doc might find me "whiney" but dr Dean was very nice. T
            Wow what a great app!. This is such a great thing when you feel crumby and don't want to get out and drive to the docs office! It was soooo fast and easy
            to use and my appointment took only a few minutes. Not to mention it
            Thank you Dr. Galloway. My first experience with Dr. On Demand was a very pleasant one. Dr. Galloway listened closely and addressed each concern. He
            prescribed treatment that sounded reasonable, and was very professional. Be
            Convenience!. I woke up with symptoms of a sinus infection. Within minutes, literally, I was talking with a doctor who prescribed an antibiotic.
            Could not be happier!
            The best app ever. I was very skeptical this would work but as soon as I was connected with Dr. Herschfield, I was immediately put at ease. He
            contacted me on time and was very helpful. I would definitely recommend this
            Wonderful experience!. My 7 month old came down with pink eye today while on vacation at Disney World. We used the app and we are so glad we did! Dr. T
            Wilson asked us a few questions and was able to determine that he neede
            Thank you Dr. Phil. This App is amazing. I'm currently using it for counseling and being able to be in the comfort of my home and find a doctor that
            works for me is amazing! I would recommend this app to EVERYONE.
            Easy & Painless. We are in between insurance right now & I have an infection that I needed a little more medicine for. I couldn't afford to go see
            my doctor at 160 for a visit. I tried this & couldn't be happier. I go
            Copay minus insurance and wait. 40 to sit where you want to, have a face-to-face conversation with a doctor you might have never seen beforehand. much more
            relaxing and less time consuming than actual appointments. Highly recommend
            I'll never wait again.. Love this app! With 2 kids it's hard to get to urgent care or even the doctor. I was seen quickly and professionally. I highly
            recommend this service!
            Great experience. Oh my gosh is this better than going to a doctors office!
            Outstanding!. I was skeptical about this app at first, however the dr I had was extremely professional and was able to give me a prescription
            that is going to help! First is it is free but 40 per visit? I'd totally
            90 day supply!. I have Irritable bowel syndrome. Going on a water only diet made me start eating healthier too. So my IBS went crazy! Ive been so
            sick but my dr was not in the office all week. Got to pick my pharmacy
            Great Doctors , Great Treatment Options. I presented with a stye that was infected on my eye. Doctor addressed my concerns and provided treatment options and prescription
            promptly within my call. Very efficient app! Saved me an office visit
            Fantastic! Best app yet!. I thought this was to good to be true but I was wrong! I'm extremely busy and don't have time to go sit in a doctors office.
            Nothing like getting it done on a Sunday night at home!
            Great & Timely Service!. This is a great app and the service was fantastic! We got all we need and have a plan going forward. My son had a rash we were
            concerned about and the weather has been inclement here at home so this w
            So glad I used this. I was a bit skeptical. But had been feeling sick the past few days and didn't feel like going into the doctors office so thought
            I'd give this a try. It was great, took no more than 30 mins and the do
            Easy, and convenient. I wish I would of tried this sooner
            Don't Be Skeptic!. Signing up takes only minutes, then once you do, you can get connected to a doctor instantly! Exceptionally good, FLAT rates and
            truly professional doctors! Saves me so much time when me or my family
            Absolutely Amazing. My son is autistic and for us to go to dr or any place in public is a challenge. When I am sick I usually just tough it out,
            however I was having horrible bladder problems and couldn't wait. I was goi
            Love. This. App!. Truly amazing. Time saving, cost effective and accessible. Using this instead of urgent care. Quicker, convenient, private and
            much more reliable!
            Best idea yet!. This is a great asset. The ability to have a doctor available when necessary for something you would typically go to urgent care
            for is wonderful. Not only that, but you can use it anywhere which is e
            So helpful and a money saver!. The initial setup was straightforward and easy. Just pay attention to the requested phone access so you don't experience problems.
            (Camera, microphone, and GEO-locate) so the app can use those service
            Unresolvable rash. He was very descriptive and talked and explained everything! It. Was very affordable and convenient that we did it from our own
            home and our prescription for our 14 month old will be at my pharmacy wi
            Where has this app been all my life. Brilliant I got to see the doctor have my antibiotic called into the pharmacy and I didn't even have to wait in the stupid waiting
            room and then in an even smaller room to see the doctor thank you Dr.
            Doctor On Demand. Absolutely amazing experience! I had a late night scare and have been trying to get in to see my Tribal doctor at the Choctaw
            Nation Hospital in Talihina, OK for several weeks, but weather conditions
            Thank you for a wonderful experience. Wow! I loved my experience with Doctor on Demand. My Doctor listened closely before asking significant questions then suggested a
            plan that was perfect for my individual needs. It was simple and quick
            Help for those in need. This is a great place to connect with a counselor when others are booked up for months. Comfortable and convenient. Could not be
            easier to use and I will definitely be using this app in the future
            Parent. This is by far the best service i've ever had. I didn't have to take my son out in this cold weather to see the doctor. The doctor
            was able to hear my sons cough and know exactly what to prescribe. Wi
            Greatest app ever!. This is the most innovative and practical app I've ever used! My first visit was free and one of their friendly doctors, Dr.
            Galloway took great care of me! I will recommend this service to everyone I
            Awesome. This is a great app. And an even better service. I had a great experience.
            Really cool. So the video call was a little awkward at first, but ultimately it was great. Only used it once, but I can say for sure that we
            will be using again!
            Awesome App. Love the app, the Dr was awesome, was eager to assist me, and was able to help me figure out what was wrong.
            Definitely impressed!. This is an amazing service. I highly recommend this to everyone!
            Fabulous!. Dr. Galloway was great. I am a pharmacist. He asked the same questions that my doctor would have asked and advised me on what
            action to take if I'm not feeling better within a couple of days. He was p
            Excellent experience. How wonderful not to have to go to the doctor's office with all of the other sick people! My visit was quick but thorough.
            Prescription called in within minutes. Will definitely visit again.
            Amazing. Just the fact that you don't have to leave the comfort of your home to see a doctor at a low cost is AMAZING! I am definitely
            going to use these doctors again!
            Supportive and knowledgeable. Simple to use, the doctor was wonderful, no glitches in getting my prescriptions, and great follow up.
            Love it. I love the convenience of no waiting in line and having to sit in a room full of other sick people.
            App needs camera rotation option. Great app but needs camera rotation option. I had to show my toe and I saw no feature to flip the camera to the lens on the back
            of my iPhone. I've used the app twice already and like that the doctors
            Loved my doctor.. Professional, knowledgeable. Easy signing up. Just enough time needed. Loved using phone to show my parts to be examined by the
            doctor. I love this app!
            Dr on Demand. This is a great service ! I highly recommend it!*****
            Now available in Oklahoma!. I got a coupon for a free visit, on the same day I realized I had strep throat. Dr. Galloway was friendly and easy to talk to, and
            could easily diagnose my strep with my cell phone camera. Took less t
            Wow so easy!. Now I don't have to be sick and miserable sitting in the waiting room forever! I never had to leave my bed. Dr. took care of my
            cough and congestion and called in a prescription to my local pharmacy!
            Amazing !. This app is amazing. I was skeptical on how this would work but it was amazing. I can stay at home and call in a doctor very
            easily and they take a lot of time to ask the right questions and help. Thi
            Easy and so convenient!. First time using this app and I am sold! No more waiting in crowded Doctor offices for this girl! Easiest and most convenient app
            It's about time!. Thank you, thank you. First time I've used the app and I'm sold. I'd much rather pay for an app visit over jumping through hurdles
            to see my doctor. I saw the doctor, he listened as I described my sym
            Respectful. Respectful, not judgmental made me feel fine even though look horrible and was having visit in be in PJ's (yes that all seems like
            a superficial comment but when you have the flu and have to go in pub
            Wow! This is amazing!. The app is beautiful. Was sitting in the doctors office parking lot, and did this and was done in 15 minutes from start to finish.
            Even got a prescription for my throat (antibiotic). Wowowowow. Defini
            Amazing app - removes urgent care. This app is truly amazing. This app will not only help emergency rooms (urgent care) cut down but really revolutionises how we're
            all going to use seeing a doctor.Will be using again and recommending
            Best 40 ever spent. Doctor was so friendly and helpful. Made an appt and was seen right away. Didn't even have to get out of bed. Diagnosed and wrote
            a prescription right away. Way better than spending 115 at an urgent
            Must Try. My sister is a nurse and she told me about this app. I was extremely skeptical and first just like many other reviews suggest. The
            visit was fast and I was connected quickly. Must try in my book. I ty
            1st time user. The Dr was prompt and efficient on the call. He met all of our needs on the call and I'm sure my son will be on his way soon to
            feeling much better from a sinus infection. This was so much better tha
            Skeptic no more!. I had my reservations about this service and app but decided to try it since I got the first 15 minutes free (free15-coupon code).
            The doctor diagnosed a viral infection that I thought was maybe strep
            House calls at its best!. I always thought that there should be away to bring back the "house calls" from back in the day. This is even better! I thought it
            would be difficult/complicated to start with a new doc on a pre exist
            Great Drs!. Love this service! Wonderful and quick response!
            Very convenient!. My parents have used this app several times in the past year so I knew it worked but didn't think it was for me. I started feeling
            horrible on a Saturday morning and I do not live near urgent care and
            So easy. I knew I had a sinus infection and was able to get an appointment with the doctor at seven in the morning for antibiotics and
            steroids. It only took 10 min. Total. We will be using this app for our no
            Love it!. I never thought I would see a Dr online, but after a week of dealing with a nasty cough and sinus infection I was laying in bed
            one night and couldn't take it anymore. I made an appointment that night
            Quick and efficient. I needed to have this consultant quick because of the pain, she diagnosed and prescribed the medicine all from my home. I'm
            grateful for the app! Great job!
            Top-rated!. What a fabulous service! Quick and speedy and incredibly thorough and knowledgeable physician without leaving the comfort of your
            home. Will definitely use again!
            Natural - 2%
            App needs fixing big time. I tried here different times to set up an appointment and each time after I answered all the questions and filled in credit card
            information, I was told that the appointment time I chose was no longer
            crashes on pharmacy search. wanted to use the App but it stalled when I tried to search for my local pharmacy


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