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Genres: [Medical]
Developer: Doctor On Demand, Inc
Release Date: Oct 01, 2013
Version: 2.1.1
Size: 21.41 MB
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download Doctor On Demand and play it on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. the application is compatible with iPhone 3GS/4, iPad 2.

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Developer Description

Have a Video Visit with a board-certified doctor immediately, from the comfort of your couch! It’s free to sign-up - with no subscription fees. Doctor visits are only $40 - same as a co-pay, much less than urgent care or the E.R. Our doctors can diagnose and treat most medical conditions. Our physicians can even write prescriptions, when clinically appropriate.

Doctor On Demand is perfect for mild infections, cough / cold / allergies / flu, pediatric questions, and Rx refills.

As seen on Dr. Phil, The Doctors, USA Today, Time, New Yorker, and many more places.

When to Use Doctor on Demand?

- Cold, flu, cough, fever, allergies
- Short term-prescriptions and Rx refills
- Urinary Tract Infections
- Pediatric fever, advice or other issues
- Vomiting/diarrhea
- STDs
- Rashes / bites / skin problems
- Sports Injuries, Athlete’s Foot
- Smoking cessation
- Back pain
- Heartburn
- General medical questions, “Should I go in for this or not?”

An important note about prescriptions: There are some medications that are just not appropriate (or legal in some cases) to prescribe over video chat. They include: controlled substances, such as narcotics/opioids, certain sedatives or muscle relaxants, medications that require administration by a healthcare professional or training for first-time use, medications that require regular monitoring by a healthcare professional, some psychiatric medications and oncology drugs.

This service is also not available in all states - we are available where state law permits.

Get now this application with your unique ID and secured password.

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How to Download:

Download Doctor On Demand free for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and iPad mini.
Download for PC or Mac:
1. Go to the Doctor On Demand application page in your iTunes and Click the button to download.
2. Sync your iPhone/iPad with iTunes to complete.
Download on the iTunes App Store:
1. Open the App Store on your mobile.
2. Search for Doctor On Demand.
3. Click the button to download and install.
4. Enjoy.

You can securely create an apple profile with your information, but you have to be registered to iTunes in order to get "Doctor On Demand" to your device.
If you don’t have an active account, please register to iTunes store with a credit card number. In case you are not interested to open an account with your credit card, you can select the option ‘None’ during the secured registration.
*This Doctor On Demand application may be available in some countries.

Latest User Reviews

Nov 03
(5★) Amazing: Amazing. This is the future. Now if only federal laws and insurance companies would catch up.
Nov 02
(5★) So impressed!: I am so happy with the dr on demand app, it was so much easier than taking my sick 2 year old to the er on a Sunday.
Oct 29
(5★) This will give the traditional dr offices a run fo: Excellent first experience with this app!
Oct 28
(5★) What a great service: Connected exactly at appt time. Doctor was friendly and professional. Saved me hours of sitting at urgent care feeling miserable.
Oct 27
(5★) Fantastic!: Thorough, efficient, well done!
Oct 26
(5★) Mr: Outstanding service, ultra convenient!
(5★) Great service and great app: I was very pleased with my doctor visit. I was advised the things I had been doing to treat my condition were not helping me heal.
I now have a plan of action to get better quickly.
Oct 25
(5★) Incredible: Best app ever. I work 7 days a week for my business so I have no time to wait to get better. The doctor was professional and
helped me on the road to recovery from a sinus infection!
(5★) Convient: Fast essay convent Just like a visit minus physically being touched
Oct 24
(5★) Love this: Excellent app! Beats going to Urgent Care and ER.
Oct 22
(5★) Myrna: Amazing! So nice to be able to get answers to medical questions anytime! Easy and informative.
Oct 21
(4★) Great Alternative!: Our son cut his lip and we wondered if he needed stitches. From the time I started the download process to the end was five
minutes! Much better than dragging my son to the ER or Urgent Care.
Oct 09
(5★) Telephone Consultation: Excellent and thorough service! Extremely pleased
(5★) Perfect Solution: I needed immediate help and got it from my home, at midnight, no waiting! This has been the easiest Dr. appointment I have ever
had. I was thinking about going to my regular Dr. tomorrow but who know
Oct 08
(5★) Great doctor, easy to do!: I needed to get my eye checked as it was swollen for two days. I work with geriatrics so I needed to see the doctor without
possibly catching something more contagious. This was the perfect solution!
Oct 07
(5★) No waiting rooms: So much quicker than an urgent care. No waiting & no other sick people.
Oct 04
(5★) Phenomenal experience!: Much better than going to a quick care facility. Fast, easy, comfortable and the Dr was very knowledgable.
Oct 01
(5★) Convenient: Called for my 3 year old and was able to get advice for my symptoms as well! So nice not having to leave the house!
Sep 29
(5★) Amazing App & Service: First time I used this service. I was so impressed. Doctor was very impressive and App was extremely easy to use. Thank you!
(5★) So far so good: I tried my first video call & it was easy, helpful, & a smooth interaction. The Doctor was nice & made my first experience a good
one. They email you aftet & call to make sure the connection wasnt los
Sep 28
(5★) Amazing!: Absolutely love this app very helpful and love that I can call a real doctor from the comfort of my own home!
Sep 26
(5★) The way healthcare should be!: Great service. Quick and easy right from my home.
(5★) John of Oregon: I am rural and this was great!Not having to leave my house and spend hours just to see a Dr was fantastic.Wonderful!
Sep 25
(5★) Best App Ever: This is the greatest idea and app ever!
(5★) Sick while traveling: Away from home & away from my regular physician - caring for a post-surgical, elderly aunt, and I am sick. Quickly seen & treated
via Dr on Demand. I had a prescription within an hour of my appointmen
Sep 15
(5★) Amazing app: I had a asthma attack while on vacation. After talking with the doctor for 5 minutes, he sent the prescription for my inhaler to a
24hr CVS that was close by where I was staying. Great service and it
Sep 13
(5★) The Best App Ever Invented!: This app is the best thing ever! It took less than 5 minutes and I had a prescription for an infection. I never had to leave home
or even get out of my pajamas! I highly recommend Dr on Demand!
(5★) Love it!: Awesome, convenient! I will use again and for my whole family! Highly recommend!
Sep 12
(4★) Easy: Great first experience but the picture option needs to be available on the inside camera.
Sep 09
(5★) Great experience: Fast, professional. Incredibly helpful and convenient.
Sep 07
(5★) Best app ever!: Doctors help is priceless! Better than having to expose yourself or your child to other illnesses in ER or Urgent Care.
Sep 06
(5★) Awesome App!: Nothing replaces an in-person doctor evaluation, but if your regular doctor is not open on weekends or holidays this app works for
minor appointments in a pinch.
(5★) Amazingly fast and easy: I was so skeptical. Worried I would be connected to someone who tells me to "go see a doctor" (aka Web MD) Took care of my Rx need
on the spot!
Sep 05
(5★) Very helpful!: At 10:30pm this was a lifesaver. Very helpful. I will definitely be using this again!
(5★) 1st timer!: Amazing! What a wonderful experience. Could not be more pleased.
Sep 03
(5★) Great, easy to use, huge time and money saver!: Faster than getting into my doctor who is 15m from home. Will use the service again! I am in the healthcare industry. No claims
to deal with. Used my HSA card.
(5★) So convenient!: The doctor was so knowledgable, saved me time and money by not having to wait in a waiting room. 40 is a steal, where else could
you find this price. Highly recommend this service and app!
(5★) Doctor on demand- best 40.00 spent: Excellent app. Everyone should have this
Sep 02
(5★) Definitely the way to go!: Very convenient to have a doctor face to face wherever you are! Got down to the problem and gave me a prescription!
Aug 19
(5★) Very Helpful; money well spent: Very glad I decided to use this App. The doctor was helpful and answered all my questions. I would definitely use this App
(5★) Greatest App: This may be the greatest thing since we put a man on the moon!
Aug 18
(5★) Dr. On Demand: I kind of knew what he might say but was hoping he had another suggestion. He did say I had all of the right meds at home. Said I
needed to go to hospital and even offered to call me an ambulance. Gre
Aug 16
(5★) Best App: Simply the best! I had the best service, best doc! Would recommend to anyone.
(5★) Awesome experience!: I will definitely use the app again. Leaving on vacation tomorrow and needed to talk to a doctor last minute and Dr. Encinas was
very polite & professional!
Aug 14
(5★) Not an ER but really close!: I will definitely use this app again if there is any kind of medical question or possible emergency.
(5★) Intuitive and great service: The app was very easy to use, and the service provided by the doc was excellent. I only wish that the app saved your preferred
pharmacy, rather than asking each time.
Aug 13
(5★) This App is the BEST: Quick, easy, no appointment, no drive, no waiting room. I just got my prescription from the comfort of my bed at 10:30 at night.
Would recommend to anyone!
Aug 11
(5★) Toothache on Sunday 9:30pm: Awesome to be able to call the doctor on a Sunday nite and get script for my infection. First class doctor consultation.Thank you!
(5★) Happy Customer!: After badly scraping a knee, I wanted to confirm that my care was appropriate. The doctor was concerned and very helpful. I will
be back, and will tell my friends!
Aug 09
(5★) Ear ache: DOD was amazing and thorough - 18 seconds to a live physician!
Aug 06
(5★) Awesome.: I made a mistake with the review process. A one star might of showed up near this entry far from truth. Great help for a bite/
poison ivy problem
Jul 25
(5★) wonderful.: I spoke with Dr. Bailey who was great. Called in a prescription for me which was so convenient. The 15 minutes is a very long
time, I had nothing more to say and hung up after ten minutes. I am so usi
Jul 24
(3★) Insurance!: It would be great if there were doctors that accepted common insurances like UHC, Blue Cross, Aetna, ETC.
(5★) What a great service!: My husband did not have insurance so we used this service. Quick and easy. Doctor called in an antibiotic for my husband!
Jul 23
(5★) Excellent new service!: Easy to use! Extremely convenient! Doctors check out as very legitimate! Will definitely use again!
Jul 21
(5★) Great app: Great app great dr love this so much easier!
(5★) Awesome: Easier than ordering mcdonalds. This app is so elegant and easy to use. The doctor was great. I made the call while celebrating
my dads 69th and no one noticed. This is a great idea.
(5★) Fast & Easy: Solid advice with a knowledgable doctor. Highly recommend!
(5★) Mom: Wonderful app. Very thorough doctor who also gave very good homeopathic advice in addition to medication.
Jul 19
(5★) Quit smoking: Used this for my BF. Spent more time trying to get him an appointment at Dr. Office than he did making this call! Brilliant
service, will use again!
Jul 18
(5★) Lifesaver!: I am an agoraphobic and rarely leave the house. Without this app I would suffer more than usual. Every time I have called each
doctor was so pleasant and caring of what your problem is. I highly recom
Jul 17
(5★) Helpful: Great considering first time user. Would recommend to anyone.
Jul 15
(5★) Wonderful: Great experience. Very convenient with excellent customer service/tech support.
(5★) The future of healthcare!: Saved a trip to the walk in clinic to get a prescription. This is my first time using it, but will not be the last.
Jul 14
(5★) Great app!: So nice to speak with someone one on one in your own privacy. Very friendly and professional! Works just like you see on tv!
Jul 12
(5★) Great and so easy to use!: What a great experience! Called with wisdom tooth pain and they were infected. Was able to call and get a prescription for
penicillin within 5 minutes. Doctor was very fast and helpful. Will tell
Jul 11
(5★) Vacationer!: While on vacation I developed a very strange eye infection Dr Badii was able to see my eye, diagnose the infection and prescribe a
medication. He was also very very helpful with a few helpful hints fo
Total 67 reviews with 98.8% ratings for this app.
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