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Snoopy's Candy Town

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Snoopy's Candy Town is a fun family game for the iPhone and iPad developed by Beeline Interactive Inc, who were also behind Kiwi & Me and Ghostbusters. It's first version was released on Dec 19, 2013.

The Snoopy's Candy Town app is available on the iOS devices, iPhone 6/Plus, iPhone 5/5s, iPhone 4/4s, iPad and iPad Mini, running iOS 5.0 or higher. Snoopy's Candy Town can be downloaded now on the App Store for free. You can download it using the following QR code or by clicking the button link below.

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App info

Welcome to Snoopy’s Candy Town! Snoopy’s dad has left him a Candy Factory and it’s your job to help him run the show. The problem is, you could fit everything our favourite beagle knows about candy onto a gum drop! Help Snoopy, Belle, and Woodstock set up shop and start making the most delicious candy the world has ever known!


► Enjoy the spectacle of a fizz-popping Candy Factory where a team of frantic birds operate mechanical marvels like the Candy Popper, the Jelly Jammer and the Candy Folder!
► Help Charlie Brown and the Peanuts Gang fix up the entire town as he sets out to become Class President!
► Expand your Factory and build your empire from the ground up!
► Hordes of hungry, candy loving kids, all clamoring for your candy! Me first!
► You’ll never see a cuter sight than a tricycle ridden by a team of birdies. Well how else do you think your ingredients get delivered!?
► They’re even cuter when you upgrade them – scooters, cars, trucks, we’ve got ’em all!
► Warning: do not attempt to eat any of the candies you see in your game. Biting into iPhones, iPods and iPads can seriously damage your device. And your teeth. And your credibility if you happen to try it while in a public space.

PLEASE NOTE: Snoopy’s Candy Town is free to play, but charges real money for additional in-app content. You may lock out the ability to purchase in-app content by adjusting your device’s settings.

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Download on PC or Mac:
1. Open the iTunes on your computer.
2. Go to the 'Snoopys Candy Town' application page and click on the install button.
2. Sync your iPhone through iTunes to complete.
Download via App Store:
1. Open the App Store on your mobile device.
2. Tap in the Search box and type 'Snoopys Candy Town'.
3. Tap the 'install' button, located to the right of the app title.

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Technical details

Contents: This app have in-app purchases to enable some features.
Leaderboard: Game Center supported.
Minimum OS Version:5.0

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Customer Reviews

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      37 (51%)
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        20 (27%)
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          11 (15%)
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            • Average Rating:73 reviews available
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            Positive - 84%
            Hey. I traded the tickets twice it kept my 2
            I Love Snoopy!. I love to play the game with Snoopy! Wish I could select where the items that I make could go without making too many. Sometimes
            takes too long to make. But I still enjoy playing. I can't wait until o
            AWSOME!. SUPER COOL but a little buggy sometimes when I get on it will shut off as soon as I get in to the app and this is the first day I
            had it ALLREADY ON LEVEL 7 no affance to the game but To Easy
            FABULOUS. I love this game , it is so fun and addicting , you should totally get this game , it's hard but and then you catch on quick
            Candy Candy Candy. The app is good I guess it is better than that.
            Fix. Please fix tons of trophies pop up
            Awesome Game. I love playing this game but dammit if I don't want 60 snoopy Easter bunny statues ! Please give us an update so I can continue
            playing the are creating an ocd nightmare for me!
            Addicted/Worried. This game is so much fun. It keeps me on the edge of my seat waiting for things to finish so that I can fulfill my orders! I'm
            worried about getting to the end of the game and having nothing to do as
            A very annoying glitch and I want a compensation!. By finishing the valentine heart quest I was supposed to receive a single snoopy Cupid statue, instead I get endless sum of Easter
            bunny snoopy. I started getting all these bunnies in the garden in fr
            Too Many Statues. Keep receiving a statue every 5 sec. Prompt for a valentines statue but I'm receiving an Easter statue. Fun game I don't want to
            have to delete it.
            A lot of fun, but.. I agree with a lot of the reviews here: a lot of fun, but needs to evolve more. My biggest issue right now is there needs to be a
            refresh button for the notice board. It takes forever to completely cl
            Snoop. Hey y not make a snoopy race game. You know like go karts mario kart.
            PLEASE UPDATE. I have been maxed out for months, I loved this game and have invested money in it but there are nowhere near enough updates. It is
            excruciatingly boring and completely unchallenging now.
            Awesome!. It is the best app ever everything is the best except a lot off stuff cost to many beagle bucks I got this app around the time I
            got my iPod around Christmas because I have always been a BIG fan of pe
            { * RuBa _ * }. Cooooool ️️️️️️️️
            Things to change. This is a great app but I wish the candy train didn't have to get restocked for 8.00! Also, I wish there were seasons with snow,
            decorations for Halloween, Christmas, and Valentine's day. And please a
            Fabtabulous!. Hours of enjoyment. Keeps your interest. Love the snoopy characters
            great game. This game is a really good because you can send workers buy cool things and decorate a lot of things
            it needs a lot of dollars. but i don t carethey are adorable
            Candy coolness. It takes some waiting but it is fun anyway!
            Best app ever!. I love this child does too! Perfect for creating quiet car rides!
            Amazing Game. Anything with Snoopy is great for me!
            Expensive. I love the game, but it is way too hard to get enough snoopy bucks to get the "campaign" members with out spending cash-other then
            that I love the game
            Great. Pretty Good, But Actually AWESOME
            Four stars. Nostalgic- pretty good representation of the Peanuts characters. It would be nice for the other characters to be accessed more
            Sparkle and and Shine game. This app is really well done ALOT of stuff you can buy
            Kk. Wonderful game noncompetitive but fun!
            Cute game.. But none of the new stuff mentioned on the update showed up.
            Good game. Updated often and keeps your interest
            Love it. Fun to kill time. Really enjoy it.
            Upgrade please. I love this app but I think you guys should upgrade the trading post so you can trade items for other items or be available to buy
            things that you need to upgrade your safe room, pantry and stock room
            Love it!. Very fun and would recommend.but would like to suggest more snoopy dollars from our campaign helpers. They give to many fences and
            posts in their boxes.
            love this game!. Very addicting. Who cannot but love Snoopy
            Snoopy Candy Towm. I play all the time. Peanuts always reminds me of Charles Schultz and holidays and Happiness.
            Ahhhh!. Love it, but it keeps crashing!
            Snoopy Candy Shop. Love it. Daughter loves it. And so do I. :)
            Fun game!. Super fun game! Love how you always have great new content!
            Great game!. Wish I could get more bucks without having to buy them! Lol
            Keeps me busy. So far I like still has some issues but over all good
            Reminiscene of childhood. Build your candy store! Interact with peanuts character
            Fun for the whole family. My son and I play this game together and have a good time while we are playing it.
            Fix bugs. Been having trouble trying to trade items. Please fix!
            Fun game! Addictive!. This game is lots of fun. The new additions are great and make it much more fun.
            Candylicious. Fun stuff when you want to kill time.
            Fun to play!. Really fun to play I play it every day.
            Snoopy game told by norine and Peter. That game is so awsome better then farming games
            Good but.. See one day i had 39 beagle bucks. The next day i have 9. I know i did not touch anything or buy anything. I was saving for a
            campainer. Instead i got trolled.
            Fun game. Takes awhile to figure it all out but enjoying the challenge.
            Entertaining. This game is awesome for snoopy lovers everywhere.
            Enjoyable Candy Fun. A very likable and intricate building system game with all the great Peanuts characters.
            Snoopy. Cute and more fun than I 1st thought it would be.
            Hi. Loooooooooooooooooooooove and addddddiiiiiiccccctttttuiiiuvvvveeeWant more snoopy apps plz
            Gjhjbx. Really good game but making the candy takes a little too long it would be great if could upgrade to make it faster still a great
            Fun but needs help. Please allow the machines to make several goodies at the SAME fun when you have to wait 90 mins for one piece of candy to
            Too cute!. I love Snoopy! Always looking for good games to play and this is one of them :) Anyone in need of neighbors can add me "GhW4Fv"
            I love snoopy. Totally fun️️️️️️️️️️️
            Fun!. I love Snoopy and this game is very addictive.
            Natural - 16%
            Fun but no more updates!. I like this game, it passes the time but like other reviewers have said, it's not fun anymore. I'm maxed out at level 85 yet I
            still haven't been able to complete a goal (27 out of 30 story goals). I'
            So cute. I love snoopy! But things are too expensive and you stay without much to do.
            Please give us an update!. I love playing this game but dammit if I don't want 60 snoopy Easter bunny statues ! Please give us an update so I can continue
            playing the are creating an ocd nightmare for me! Why can't the
            Enough with the statues.. Love the game but please. Enough with the statues already. Please fix so I can get back to playing.
            Valentine's Day trophy- out of control. This game is entertaining but the trophies are breeding like rabbits without a way to delete them. Please fix.
            Help!. Fun game but I keep getting Valentine's Day trophies.I don't want anymore, I must have 100 by now.
            Glitch!. I only give three stars because the people in my town don't walk at all. They just stay in the same places. Also, my bikes won't
            go out and get the stuff I need. Please fix this problem. I want to pla
            Fun for a while. With no updates and just constant grinding, this game really isn't fun after a while. Any new updates seem to add more micro
            transactions which is pointless when you don't have a good base to begin wi
            I really like this gam but.. Every time I reach level 8 and I'm about to move on to 9 it freezes and I'm force to close the app. When I open it again I'm on
            level 7. Please fix :(
            Fix the problem PLEASE!. I love the game but it crashes constantly, and when it crashes it sets you back in the game :(
            Game is good. What happened to the Halloween update? Will there be one? I was hoping there would be since it is a candy town and Halloween is
            about candy. I would of liked a Halloween trophy and it would be fun t
            Snoopys candy town. Game is for younger audiences not for adults other than that good graphics but very repetitive and gets boring quickly
            Need a CRASH helmet. LOVE the game - HATE the bugs. Have been @ level 70 for 2 months now and with this update earned NO credit for it? Good grief.
            Please fix the crashing and dumping all progress without saving data. Ugh
            Please fix. I love this game, but here recently it keeps crashing. Please fix this so we can actually play the game.
            Snoopys. I really loved this app as others did but why are there only 10 birds for 13 machines. I only have 7 birds because I lost beagle
            bucks by accident like others. I hope they update this issue.
            Great game but.. Pls make the orders worth more so we can purchase the factories to fulfill them:) thanks!

            If you've used this app, please leave a comment and let us know how you liked it.


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