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Farm Heroes Saga Game

Farm Heroes Saga icon
Genres: [Entertainment | Arcade | Puzzle]
Developer: King.com Limited
Release Date: Jan 02, 2014
Version: 2.20.4
Size: 56.93 MB
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Kingcom Limited has already given us Pyramid Solitaire Saga on Dec 31, 2013. now delivering another great Game for iOS. download Farm Heroes Saga and play it on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. the application is compatible with iPhone 3GS/4, iPad 1, iPad 2, iPod Touch 3rd/4th.

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Developer Description

From the makers of the hit game Candy Crush Saga, comes Farm Heroes Saga!

Switch and match the collectable cropsies in this fantastic adventure.
Join forces with the Farm Heroes to stop Rancid the Raccoon from spoiling the precious farm lands. Switch and match three or more adorable cropsies to drive Rancid away for good! A farmtastic adventure filled with mixed fruit madness! Scrummy!

Farm Heroes Saga is completely free to play but some in-game items such as extra moves or lives will require payment. You can turn-off the payment feature by disabling in-app purchases in your device’s settings.

Farm Heroes Saga Features:

● Gather all kinds of cropsies to win the level before you run out of moves.
● Easy and fun to play, but a challenge to fully master.
● Acres of luscious levels to complete and marvellous magic beans to collect.
● Take on your friends to compete for the best score and see who can switch their way to the fattest onions ever!
● Rechargeable boosters, extra moves and special power-ups to help with those challenging levels.

Play through hundreds of levels of strawberry switching, carrot crunching chaos to help our Farm Heroes save the day! Have you got what it takes to be the next Farm Hero?

*Minimum iOS version is 5.0.

Get now this application with your unique ID and secured password.

Application Screenshots


How to Download:

Download Farm Heroes Saga free for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and iPad mini.
Download for PC or Mac:
1. Go to the Farm Heroes Saga application page in your iTunes and Click the button to download.
2. Sync your iPhone/iPad with iTunes to complete.
Download on the iTunes App Store:
1. Open the App Store on your mobile.
2. Search for Farm Heroes Saga.
3. Click the button to download and install.
4. Enjoy.

You can securely create an apple profile with your information, but you have to be registered to iTunes in order to get "Farm Heroes Saga" to your device.
If you don’t have an active account, please register to iTunes store with a credit card number. In case you are not interested to open an account with your credit card, you can select the option ‘None’ during the secured registration.
*This Farm Heroes Saga application may be available in some countries.

Latest User Reviews

(2★) NO MORE BEANS!: Why when you ask for lives you get beans?! Fix the problem and I'll put back my 5 stars!
(2★) I Quit: Congratulations, Farm Heroes. I quit at level 751. The game doesn't require strategy, only luck, which you don't seem to give much
of at the higher levels. Used to be fun, but now I'm frustrated. And
(5★) Exciting Game!: I love it so do kids. It helps them strategize and think before making moves on tougher levels. Definitely worth it!
(3★) Would like to give 5 stars, but.: ***For all of you in need of the Facebook fix. Delete and reload the app.*** Forcing me to log on to facebook because I hit the
well-positioned button by accident is extremely annoying. Also, the f
(5★) Never-ending Enjoyment: Wonderful challenges on each "stop" along the way!
(4★) Hard: Many stages are too hard and take over a dozen attempts
(4★) GIVE ME LIVES, NOT MORE BEANS!: This is truly one of my favorite games, since day one. But, recently, as many other long-time players have mentioned, we are not
getting LIVES from friends. But TONS of BEANS! King is not very good
(4★) I hate the angry ones: There was a time I quit playing because of the angry/dirty ones. I wish we didn't have so many. It's better than candy crush.
(5★) DebbieZ: Love this game, makes you think! It is fun!
Mar 01
(3★) Review #1: Totally agree with this review.well stated
(5★) Farm Heros: I enjoy the game but there are several problems with it. I can no longer get lives from friends. All I get are beans and not sure
what they are for.
(5★) I'd give more stars if I could!: In truth, my professional self should rate this game very low - it's just too addicting, I neglect everything else I'm supposed to
do! I even find myself sneaking in a few games at my desk at work. Fa
(5★) Rate: Great when not hooked up to Facebook cuz of data!
(5★) Fun .keeps you coming back!: Challenging!Fast moving!Intriguing!Try it!You'll like it!Luv.me!
(5★) Very good time passing game.: The only thing I would like is to be able to play more unlimited lives. Other than that this app is great.
(4★) Need to be able to earn gold bars: It would be more fun if we could win gold bars somehow. I don't have great control of my Hans and accidentally touch the wrong
spot and lost them. May you could work on that.
(4★) Addicting but Frustrating: Love the game but must have clicked on the Facebook icon and now it constantly takes me to Facebook which I'm not on and have no
intention of ever joining. Constantly having to restart.That needs to b
Feb 28
(5★) Fun little time passer: Perfect for passing time. Challenging but easy to learn in three seconds!
(3★) Careful: Lots of fun. Super addictive. Used a little money to buy some helps. Next thing I knew 200 was taken off my card without my
(5★) Game Head: The game is the best thing that happened to cellphone! Love it
(5★) Fun game: This is a very fun game and is just like candy crush which I really enjoy also
(5★) Finney: Love this game, it's a fun game to play! You will enjoy this game!
(5★) Love it !: I go back and forth between Candy Crush and Soda Candy Crush. I always look forward to getting back to FARM HERO
Feb 27
(2★) No lives: Game is fun but I request lives from friends and never get them however I get requests asking for lives. Please fix so I can
receive lives to play more than 5 times
(5★) Lineke: Fantastic. I keep coming back n enjoying it every time.
(3★) Farm friend saga: The game doesn't give you time to see what you're doing
(4★) SammyJo: I love this game! Play constantly. I'm on level four hundred something. But one problem. I am not on FaceBook. Never have been. I
accidentlly tapped the "connect" button on one play and now my game wi
Feb 26
(5★) I am finally actually enjoying playing: The recent changes made (boosters earned in prior levels) have FINALLY made the levels seem achievable. I had stopped playing
because it was so difficult to win a level now I am back to looking forwa
(5★) Very relaxing game: I have had a lot of worries recently . Playing this game releases the stress and relaxes me.
(5★) Great fun and challenging!: Just enough challenge to make it interesting, but, still solveabl. What are the animals you collect and how do you use them? Says
to join the club?
Feb 25
(5★) Awesome Fun: Can you say twenty stars? I have put Candy Crush away. This is addicting. Can't wait to get my five lives back. What a challenge.
This is my relaxation time every day. Can't go to sleep without playin
(5★) Fun. Glitchy sometimes, but still fun.: Def need to be patient to play this, but it's fun.
(3★) Facebook!: While I love the game. I fine it's annoying every time you open the game it automatically opens a Facebook page! If I wanted
Facebookopen! I'll open it!
(5★) I love this game: Renewable boosts are my favorite part of this game. All it takes is some patience and all levels are fun and attainable. This game
rocks! The best!
(5★) Great game: Little bit hard but fun. Some of level are really tough, need a strategy to pass it out.
Feb 24
(5★) Awesome app: Love how u r able to connect to Facebook and try to beat somebody's score
(5★) Love croppies: A very good challenge- not too overwhelmingly difficult/very enjoyable!
(3★) Like it but.: Everything is really tiny, so I have a hard time reading the instructions or any of the words.other than that the only thing I
don't like is it always wants me to link to Facebook. I don't have Facebo
(3★) Glitches: The game is crashing. I like this game out of the saga games but one time before I deleted it because it wouldn't connect to FB.
Now it won't load or as I'm finishing a level it crashes. At start up i
(3★) Gold bar: To greatly can give any can't play with out it!Will not connect to Facebook?
(5★) Great: This game is fun and addictive.
(5★) Best match-3 game out there: I've been playing this game on and off for a few years and I'm still hooked. LOVE IT!
(5★) Fun fun fun: This game is the of my . It's the over my !
(5★) Luv this game!: Great fun! Please continue to make more levels!
(4★) Fun game.: Love it. Doesn't like to work on my phone but works great on my iPad.
(5★) Player: Fun. Awesome! Love knowing what the collection of animals does.
(5★) Farm Hero: Fun.sometimes levels are too hard
(5★) Addictive: It's like meth for your eye balls.
(5★) Farm Heroes: Luv it **. I Luv it more then candy crush.
Feb 23
(3★) I'm not on Facebook: This is my favorite game. However I can't get passed level 185 and it's starting to not be enjoyable anymore. The only way to
pass the level is with buying boosters and several of them. I don't want
(5★) Player.: Great fun. Need to win an occasional benefit to keep the interest going.
(5★) Still haven't spent money!: Yeah! A free game that is actually free. I've gone past level 250! And I don't have to ask friends to move me forward to next
(5★) Two Thumbs Up.then some: Literally addictive! It like a good book; can't wait to get to the next chapter!
(5★) Farm Herod: Love it. Keeps you coming back.
(5★) Fun Chickens!: Pretty Fun. Lots of different things going on. Just difficult enough to stay engaged.
(4★) FIX THE FB GLITCH: it's a 5 star game along with the other 4 King games I own BUT not giving 5 til u FIX IT! So annoying to be sent there with
beginning of each level. And, now it won't allow me to use my ALREADY PURCHA
(3★) Nice game: احيانا أشعر معها بالضيق لكنها فى العموم جيدة
Feb 22
(5★) Fun fun fun but gets expensive at higher levels: Love this game better than candy crush, but I'm on level 670 now and it's getting really hard! Like candy crush I'm starting to
spend money and that's taking the enjoyment out of it as the next level
(5★) Farm heroes saga: Great game and very addictive. Get it and see you won't be able to stop! Sooo addicting !
(4★) More Fun!: I like this better than Candy Crush.
Feb 21
(3★) Awesome game but.: It keeps crashingEvery time I try to play it goes directly to Facebook and then crashes. Please correct. It is getting annoying
that it wants me to login (driving me nuts) could you please fix that ?
(5★) Red eye express: Just can't stop playing this fun and challenging game! Get ready to stay up all night because it is addictive.
(4★) Confused: I enjoy the game but I don't know how to use all the helps. Should be clearer!
(4★) Consistently Fun: Just the right mix of challenge and ease of play. Lots of fun.
(5★) Cool game: It's very challenging n make your mind focus on your strategy
(5★) Farmer eds voyage: Farmtastic fun for all with many new veggie challenges every level!
Feb 19
(4★) Katy Babs: One of my favorite King games.very addictive.
(5★) the best ever: Love it love it, didn't thought it would be so much fun but it's awesome
(5★) Very Addicting: I put it on my iPhone so my wife could keep playing while her other lives charged up. After watching her play, I put it on my 1st
Gen. iPad and started playing too. Lol
(5★) I love this game!: I get frustrated when I get so close, and then I have to wait for my lives to recharge! So I'll play other similar games. But I'm
hooked on this one!
(5★) Great time Consumer: I play this game almost daily! When I have a few minutes to chill, it fills up my time.
Feb 18
(5★) To much fun: Can't get enough, I play all the time. Can't wait to get to next level
(3★) Fun, but too easy to lose all your gold: I enjoy Farm Heros much more than Candy Crush. But I don't feel like it gives enough instruction of what everything does. It's all
trial by error and there is a lot going on in there. My biggest compl
(5★) Enjoy this game: I have a good time playing this. It works good.
(5★) Awesome: Great fun and entertaining game
(4★) I love it!: I found this game while waiting for more lives on candy crush. I love it so much more that I actually don't even play candy crush
anymore. The only reason I gave it 4 stars is because it constantly tr
Feb 17
(5★) Addictive. Be forewarned: This is sssoooo addicting & SSOOOO much fun. Much better than candy crush by 1000x. Awesome!
(4★) No romance: Bought the sale bundle then was tricked to refill a booster. Wasted 16 gold bars that I planned to use to buy 5 more moves to get
the Eagle on 123. 1 bonus barely worth it. It though these innocent l
(5★) Secret obsession: So addictive . I honestly love it more than Candy Crush. Excitement on every level
(5★) :D: so many hours spent playing this game! too much fun
(5★) Me encanta: Me encanta el juego, hay cosas q me gustaría q fueran diferentes tanto gastar en los frijoles me cansa! Pero me gusta mucho
(4★) Challenging upper levels: Even after 300 levels I am still challenged by some.
(4★) Lively!: Lots of action and cute graphics.
(3★) Love this game.but: Why does it not give me credit for companions I have earned? For example, for 3 stars on level 18. But on level 343 says I didn't
earn the ostrich? I am missing out on Farm Club rewards because of thi
(2★) Shenanigans: Seriously level 167 . You don't even give me enough carrots and apples and then all of a sudden the bucket drops water on them
killing any chance I had. Seeing as how those crops are never thrown in a
(2★) Lame: I cleared all of the goals.I still didn't pass the level. How is that possible. I even screenshot this error.
Feb 16
(5★) Addicting: Very addicting, I'm loving it so far. Can't say if I like it more than candy crush yet or not but we will soon find out.
(5★) Love this game: Love, love, love this game. Keeps me occupied when I'm bored. Love it
(5★) Favorite game!: I play every chance I get but lately when I buy more moves it doesn't show how much it cost! So I'm not planning on buying
(4★) Dropsies: Fun and addictive. But I think it cheats a little now and then. Overall one of my favorites.
(4★) Great fun: Very addicting but cute and appropriate for all ages
(3★) Where are the rules hiding?: I have been playing these games but I'm sure it would be easier if I knew what the rules were. There's a few hints like the grass
is 2X the points but I don't know what to do with all those helper-thi
(4★) It's fun: No problems and good mindless fun.
Total 93 reviews with 86.6% ratings for this app.
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