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Block City Wars Download & Game Review

Block City Wars Game

Block City Wars icon
$ 0.99
Genres: [Entertainment | Action | Simulation]
Developer: Lora Flora
Release Date: Jan 04
Version: 1.21
Size: 65.32 MB
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download Block City Wars and play it on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. the application is compatible with iPhone 3GS/4, iPad 1, iPad 2, iPod Touch 3rd/4th.

This review includes the developer's description, customer ratings, user reviews and screenshots.

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Developer Description

Block City Wars it is a multiplayer shooter on one great map!

Play online battles! Participate great multiplayer shooting challenge in the huge Block City! Be the hero of the Downtown!

Choose your character in the Hero Room and join the great battle!

Experience survival mission! Coollect all the coins, destroy the enemies and drive cool cars in the Block City!

Also due to exporter for Minecraft, you can export any skin to your Mojang account!

Attention! It is not an official Mojang AB game!

Get now this application with your unique ID and secured password.

Application Screenshots


How to Download:

Download Block City Wars for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and iPad mini.
Download for PC or Mac:
1. Go to the Block City Wars application page in your iTunes and Click the button to download.
2. Sync your iPhone/iPad with iTunes to complete.
Download on the iTunes App Store:
1. Open the App Store on your mobile.
2. Search for Block City Wars.
3. Click the button to download and install.
4. Enjoy.

You can securely create an apple profile with your information, but you have to be registered to iTunes in order to get "Block City Wars" to your device.
If you don’t have an active account, please register to iTunes store with a credit card number. In case you are not interested to open an account with your credit card, you can select the option ‘None’ during the secured registration.
*This Block City Wars application may be available in some countries.

Latest User Reviews

(3★) Handling: Playing this game on i pad is fun and easy but wen i cant play on my i pad and i have to play on my i phone it is hard to drive
and fight in a small space plz find a way to fix that thank u
Jul 21
(5★) Great: U guys did a great job in this game. It seems a lot like gta 5 which is awesome!
Jul 19
(5★) Really cool: It is just like minecraft and gta v but together but one thing the map is really meast up pls fix it
(5★) More: Add more maps like a country town or a village.
Jul 17
Jul 16
(3★) My butt: Need animals and a house u can go in also needs motor cycle and phone and food and drinks u can eat a drink also it should also
have 2 people in a car at a time if u do i give it 5 stars
(4★) Needs Update!: Lora flora has to add some more updates-two people in car-motorcycle -houses you can go in-lay down -animals -dogs you can buy
Jul 15
(5★) I love this app: If you like minecraft this is ten times betterEspecially the helicopters and awesome combat me and my sister play endless together
battling are way to the first tank
(4★) Great: I wish we could see a friends name. Add friends. And message friends. Other than that great game. Oh and we could be able 2 start
a team.
Jul 14
(5★) Just a few suggestions: This game is awesome, and I have a few ideas for you.1. Customizable Skins2. More than one person in a car at a time.3.
Customizable rides and guns4. Real time voice chat5. Car Radio6. Clans and Races
(4★) Update plz plz plz update: Extend the map plz and make more vechalsAnd a town would be nice and make it more city like plz plz
(4★) ADDICTING: This game is AMAZING but the reason I am giving it 4 stars is because they need to make the planes in the military base an
aircraft carrier fly able but other than that, amazing game
Jul 13
(4★) Do this for 5!: make or get better boy skins mabye a swim suit boy and other boy skins(not like super heros) thx please pece out
(5★) I love Block City Wars!: I would like if there was every vehicle, even work vehicles. And I would love to have infinite worlds, the ability to fly planes
and use boats, and to be able to walk into any building.
(5★) It a awsome game but it has bug: The bug in this game is that the building glich and it disapper plz fix this bug and it a cool game
Jul 11
(4★) Additions?!?: Please have switch from peaceful(black dudes ARE NOT evil) to normal .Add motorcycles and bikes.Add boats.Add scooters (human
powered or electric).Add skateboards.Add new map.Add 4-wheelers.Add monste
(4★) Needs work!: Please add more vehicles:Chevy camaro,trucks,and jets you can go in and what about more buildings you can go in please update!
Jul 08
(4★) Add some: You make it where youFly airplanes and the world should be bigger and you should be able to drive boats and there should be more
missions you should make a update this year
Jul 07
(5★) Add I more thing PLZ: Can you add ware if you go in the military they ride cars and drive tanks in the city to and PUT MORE animation to it when you get
(5★) Next update: Please add better animations, a amusement park, drivable jets,and more cars
Jul 06
(4★) Bugs: I love the new update but the elevators does not work and some people cant afford jet packs to get up there and the helicopters
are already taken and plz ad planes and boats thx.
Jun 30
(5★) Block city war: Hi just wanted to say this is my favorite game and can you add boats and houses to buy and live in and be able to paint your cars
plz thanks for reading
(5★) Good: It is a good game but u should be able to have more than 1 prson in a car and u shold be able to shoot out a car and make the Map
bigger and have a country part have more cap cars
Jun 29
(5★) I Have an Idea: Could you please make it possible for more than one person to get in a car at a time? Like for example so your friends can ride in
the car with you in the passenger seat or something? That would be aw
(5★) Block city world: Love it so much but I would like if we could drive the airplanes and the ships and for that update everyone would get 10000 bucks
for hopefully the next update!PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!
Jun 28
(5★) Great. Just needs some things: Okay add:HousesWorking planesBoatsStores (Cars, house stores, planes ect.)Overall I love this freaking game
(5★) All: Make the place a lot bigger and make trucks plane move and jet move
Jun 27
(4★) Good game: It needs a truck and a trailer that you can put cars on thanks for the game i love it
(5★) Love The Game: need More Car To Drive More Place To Go In And More Gun And Have A Airplane That Is All EveryOne Need To Get This Game It Is Fun
(3★) Moving stuff: Please and moving helicopters and make moving boats but make it so if it fly make it to use your moving like thing to control the
flying thing plus same thing with boatsAnd hope you add more areas it
Jun 26
(4★) Ideas (;: Plz add apartments in singel player and multieplayer so no one can kill you and day and night map and cars that you can make and
add skins also add hero or menace like random crimes will brake out in
Jun 25
(5★) Next update: I think you should add a story line jets boats and houses
Jun 24
(5★) Mods: MakeMods where u could make tornados and it needs to have horns soreness and like rag doll motions when u get hit by car u go
Jun 22
(4★) Add more stuff in it: Add in unlimited worlds,boats,apartments,disasters like earth
quakes,tsunamis,sinkholes,typhoons,tornados,Volcanos,atvs,heliplanes,opening doors,andMore guns.
(4★) Plz update: New updates like zombies mode and new worlds oh helicopters watch dogs skins bigger worlds and a airport would be nice make it
like Los santos from GTA 5 oh and make more buildings that u can go insid
Jun 21
(5★) Actual cops: If you do crimes the cops should be on you and put stars on the top so they know or on their map and put better car in like buying
them or something btw really like the military base
Jun 20
(5★) Needs jets able to ride: What I think should be added is jets that you can embark.Also if you ever saw the ac-130 it would be cool if u could drive it
.Then they need boats,helicopter more cars and regular planes.
Jun 19
(4★) Update Ideas.: -Planes (that can you drive)-Boats (also drivable)-Police car with working police lights-Radio (in the car)-Headlights.And You
should also add a zombie mode (if possable)
Jun 13
(5★) Epic but some things: Can you add houses you can buy and like more cars a story line cut scenes and more guns
Jun 12
(5★) Gatorboy: I love it but I would like if you could fly the planes
(5★) More: I can not play if you check the update one more time it will make me happy
Jun 11
(5★) Plz add: Can you add the ability to ride in the planes it is no fun just having them for looks so please please please add that ability I
will be very very very satisfied
(5★) GTA: Would you make an update so we can fly the planes in block city wars.
(5★) Cool: Best army base in new update like a gta 5 for kids in minecraft and it has cars and tanks
Jun 09
(5★) Cool but: After the resent update it got really laggy
Jun 08
(4★) Add this.: You should be able to get in the jetsAnd this.The weapons should be cheaper And finally this.You should make money QUICKLY.
May 17
(4★) Great but 1 prob: So this game is a LOT of fun. One problem. Why, when I try to buy more credits, it says I am offline? I have fast internet a
stable account. So. Why?
May 16
(5★) Please let us fly the planes !: Let us fly the planes all they do is sit there and do NOTHING! so please let us fly the planes. Maybe even add boats
(4★) Airplanes: Let us drive air planes then i rate 5 stars and are own house personal car and personal kids that help you kill
May 15
(5★) Please add this in the next update: Please make the airplanes in the base fly-able and make the world just a tiny bit larger for the airplane
May 14
(5★) Add the following.: 1: Friends list. 2: Helicopters.3: Being able to IMPORT skins from websites.4: Ability to swim 5: Let 2 people in 1 car!6: Being
able to REALLY drive the planes.
(5★) BEST GAME EVER: Awesome as the first reviewer I think its great make it so you can fly the jet At the Army base
May 10
(4★) Good: Good but I bought all the weapons before the update. Please give me my guns back!
May 09
(5★) Torks50: This game is the best so far you guys rock! But I was wondering if you guys could ad cops that chase you with helicopters and cars
and if possible could you also make the graphics little better if not
May 08
(5★) Please fix the main menu button issue: SKIN CREATER BRO and you know what it needs it needs motorcycles helicopters planes and boats and so we get to ride that submarine
and also add herobrine please
May 04
(5★) This a good game the first game that i found an ot: ill start with the bugs .the elevator needs to be fixed..The map has a glitch that the yellow finest people get in a car and go to
the yellow finest and get out the move..The car need see though windo
May 03
(4★) Is becoming a really good app: Needs to add more after the bridge, needs a motorcycle and a quad to drive, and be able to walk through, not on the pool on top of
the high building and by the one cop car, make it so we can swim mayb
(4★) Good but.: It is fun but could use a lot of things. The map needs emphasis on needs a bigger map, more guns,cars, options for gyroscopic
controls, easier ways to get money, and a lot of other stuff.
Apr 28
(5★) Best app: You should get this app also I have some ideas motorcycle , boats , police cars with drivers , planes , and helicopter
(4★) Pretty good: It needs more land and cops and other people should be able to talk to u and ships should be created for the water a a huge land
like different states and more animals and cops chase u in cars and mor
Total 60 reviews with 90.4% ratings for this app.
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