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Block City Wars is a an action simulation game for the iPhone and iPad developed by Lora Flora. It's a very fun and addictive simulation game that will leave you playing for hours.

Block City Wars can be downloaded now on the iTunes App Store for free. You can download it using the following QR code or by clicking the button link below. The Block City Wars app is fully compatible with all iOS devices capable of running iOS 5.1+ including the iPhone 6 Plus and iPad mini.

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Block City Wars it is a multiplayer shooter on one great map!

Play online battles! Participate great multiplayer shooting challenge in the huge Block City! Be the hero of the Downtown!

Choose your character in the Hero Room and join the great battle!

Experience survival mission! Collect all the coins, destroy the enemies and drive cool cars in the Block City!

Also due to exporter for Minecraft, you can export any skin to your Mojang account!

Attention! It is not an official Mojang app. It doesn't affiliated with Minecraft game!

App Screenshots

  • Screenshot for Block City Wars
  • Screenshot for Block City Wars

Download on PC or Mac:
1. Open the iTunes on your computer.
2. Go to the 'Block City Wars' application page and click on the install button.
2. Sync your device through iTunes to complete.

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* You must have an active iTunes account to download the file, so if you don’t have, please register to iTunes store with a credit card. In case you are not interested to open an account with your credit card number, you can select the option ‘None’ during the secured registration.

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Customer Reviews

  • 5 Star
      66 (62%)
    1. 4 Star
        28 (26%)
      1. 3 Star
          9 (8%)
        1. 2 Star
            3 (3%)
          1. 1 Star
              0 (0.0%)
            • Average Rating:106 reviews available
            • If you've used this app, rate and review it on the App store and in the comments section below.
            Positive - 90%
            This is sick!. If your a fan of the Boxhead games, you'll love this. Fun free roam game, with customizable characters and load outs.
            PLZ PLZ PLZ ADD!. It would be cool if people could get in your car with you but they have to have to invited in so let a notification that says
            would you like this person to enter your car so that when you say hop in t
            I see many people saw my long review. By that I mean some people are asking for planes and some are asking for jets and exactly this "4 seat or 2 seat cars" amazing oh
            and also friends list. That may not mean that they all saw my review m
            Good but add. I just got it and it's really fun but could you make it where you can fly jets? And please add better money making, cause it's
            just killing or job or online. Also please add parachute.
            GTA. Most of us know that your copying gta 5 charitares but you have trevor as trevon and franklin as frankie but I could find
            michael.The is good for the most part but it lags alot.
            It's an amazing game but.. It would be rated a five star IF we were able to design our own skin
            So so fun. I like it because you have the freedom to do what ever you want I also like how easy the jobs are curintaly.
            Pls add. Can u please make alot of items in the shop less expensive and add upgrades to the cars and let us fly helis in pvp and sanbox
            because it is impossible to destroy one while someones in it so please ad
            Don't let pedestrians on the streets just walking . Plz do what my title is. Too lazy to write everything again, I'm falling asleep
            Good App But Needs A Little More.. I Love This Game But Needs More skins,bigger City,buy houses,A mode were u can play teams with others at the city,message
            friends,friends icon,(also u should have us make a skin if we want ) And I Rat
            Plz read. Let people get in ur car/plane/etc.Also spawn zombies in pop and adventureAnd more plz
            Pixel gta. Nice game it's like gta which I love
            Great game and very fun. This game reminds me alot of pixelgun 3d and i love having a game better than that. It would be 5 stars if you could ride boats in
            adventure mode because i some times spawn in the zombie island and i
            Please read. Maybe you can add importing skins and make it so that it turns night and day and maybe make it so that cars move on the
            streets?and please fix the lag!Thank you for reading this
            To The Develepors. Please add sirens to cop cars and add jobs for areas Ex. Military baseArmy job, Police stationPolice officer job
            Motorcycle please. This is a great app but of course it needs a motorcycle or two if you're going to get this app just wait until another update
            because well never mind get the app it's amazing but note to majors and up
            if .. if zane was still in one direction he would say amazane
            Best game. I love to shoot the zombies and people I like to run people over! ha ha they die so easy and I just drive awayso easy and funny
            Omy. Haven't played yet but seems cool
            Just One Small Problem. Ok this a great copy of the series Grand Theft Auto but when the pixel gun ad shows up I download it BBBBUUUUUTTTT it doesn't give
            me my reward please fixP.S. I love how you guys added zombies love it
            Great, but.. I can see that is was influenced by GTA, and this would be 5 stars, but my one gripe is that you can't make your own skin and
            there isn't more creative tools. Making it a to much like GTA would be wei
            A few suggestions. Hi I'm king pig and here are a few suggestions.1.Add you can Have a hang out.2.add planes,submarines,and jets.Also put
            them in multiplayer maps.That's it.. PS:keep up the good work!
            Need help. When I try to download pixel gun even if I already have it it doesn't work please fix this problem
            Block City Wars. Love the city of how it's made and love it all
            Needs a little something. Hi I would like it if you could talk to comeputers like if you run in to them that say get out of the way or that that can drive
            cars and you can pull them out and that there is a lot more cars out re
            Make this game less expensive. The weapons are too expensive and people don't earn enough money when they win pvp or adventure pls add more money and make the
            weapons less expensive.
            Awesome. Can't play GTA but this is just as good! Pretty Dad Gum cool!
            Needs more. Please add more guns,cars,tanks,and let us drive jets the jets at the military base has planes but we can't drive them please let
            us drive planes. Thanks
            Add co op. My brother and I would really like co op with zombies or people
            To Lora Flora. Hey, I have a few suggestions that would really change your game! But first I to tell you that I love your game I play it every
            day n night so hereYou should add more animations like jumping out a car
            I want to drive jets!. I drive cars helicopters and boats. BUT NOT JETS!
            Cooooool. This update is really awesome! Such a funny staff is added))Personal tanks are really cute :)
            Good game but add some of these. You'd should add• a car shop to buy awsome cars •a house/mansion u can buy on single player•let us get in to the jets
            •make the military base bigger and add more jets •add people on multipla
            Add. Add personal helicopters an take the gold off! I don't like how I can't level up any more an can't get gold oh an ID like to add
            Airplane. I think they shud add that you can ride the Jets and let you play soccer .every thing else is fine.
            Really cool game. Aweeesooome!it's like GTA in Minecraft style!
            Great game bad bug. I love block city but 1 wrong thing when I got the latest update it reset every thing and I had spent over 10 and had 327 gold
            coins pls fix
            Fun. Thanks for all the active updates!
            Here are some suguestions. Make more cars and add campain mode or story mode and let npcs drive cars and hight police chases and a animation when you get in
            a car or helicopter and stuff.add jets would be awesome and when you g
            PLEASE ADD skully 120. Block city wars I believe Is better than pixel gun 3D And minecraft. Need changes when you hit into a car it should move it around
            not just stay in one place. It should be more realistic in the game.
            Good but.. I was hoping it would be like gta without the cussing. If you could make it like that I would rate it 5 any day
            Fun but.. Add more of a role playing feel where you can buy houses get a job and buy guns from an actual store. Also remove the shoot on
            sight people cause it is kinda unrealistic.
            Vehicle additions. Add drivable jets and big plane the Air Force plane the big one and swat vehicles and a swat tank and add the bus back and add
            secret service vehicles in also a heavily armed secret service vehicle(gu
            Need new things. Good game and very good graphics but can u guys add please first person I want to what it is like thanks
            Suggestions. Hi, I was wondering if you could add mud holes, more pickup trucks, monster trucks, 4 wheelers, side by sides, dirt bikes,
            motorcycles. Can you also add tractors, and houses that you could live in.
            Best app. You should get this app also I have some ideas motorcycle , boats , police cars with drivers , planes , and helicopter it would a
            lot more fun if you could get a house or an actual job and you should
            5 stars since its not online only. This game is great much better then the last one it will be great if there can be more stuff to do like singleplyer missions
            pretty good for a gta like game on iOS
            Good. I like it and stuff but FIX THE LADDER GLITCH ITS WILL NOT LET ME CLIMB THE LADDERS
            Fix now. I used to love this app but now fire fighters with FLAME THROWERS and random beach people with DOBBLE GOLD GUNS fix now!
            Needs 2 things. Able to fly the jets and the huge airplane
            This game is very fun. They should add submarines though, that would make it beast
            great game worth the money!. It is worth it by the only reason why I rated it only four stars is because they need to add people on cars there is pedestrians
            by no people driving cars the only way to get a car is find one I the s
            Great game but needs little touch up. This game has proved great with time but still some things need to be added and fixed1.Cars should be driven by pedestrians2.More
            buildings which you can enter3.Property to purchase4.lower the prices
            Needs more stuff. My friends and I love it.You should be able to fly jets and planes.Also buy your own houses and lower the prices.
            Please add these. If you can add jet skis and make them fast on water and maybe make the map a little bigger and bigger ramps that would be awesome
            good game and thanks
            Suggestions for next update. I think you should trafic in single player like in gta and the whole city in Pvp but great game
            Needs more content. The game is good but it needs more game Modes like team death match and zombie survival. Please add the modes I requested!
            Homes! Plz read. The game is fun but after all that killing but will would your player rest I don't know maybe you sould add homes plz add
            Please add. Please add first person view and customizable vehicles and weapons and also a campaign please try to add and thanks for the great
            LW GrimReaper. Honestly I loved the game before the huge update and I still do but I had every gun in the game that I bought with REAL MONEY then
            the update took all of the guns I had and I was ticked so I do not pl
            Needs a update. When your at the pool house and you get in the pool there is no way to get out it needs to be updated and add in a lader
            Not bad. Well it an ok game for now the controls for driving is kinda weird but the game is ok it not as good as pixel gun 3d I still fun
            well kinda
            It's lonely in the city. It's lonely in the city. There should be people to talk people driving in cars and stuff maybe even a girlfriend in adventure mode
            Great game. There's nothing to do sometimes though pvp is cool but why are the weapons pricy lower them more weapons more fun then you'll get
            five stars
            Add thiiiiis please. Ok can u add motor cycles and can u add in more than just one person in a car please Lora
            Good Game But.. 3 Things First Person As An Add-On And Please Add That Two Players Can Ride In A Car And Better Animations
            Vehicles. Ok so can u add motorcycles and can u make it so u can fly the fighter jets at the military base and can u plz include planes and
            submarines lastly can you add a sewer Plz I would be delighted
            To expensive. So I like this game,I really do. But in adventure mode there isn't really much to do. I liked the game more when the game had crap
            tons of money bugs because the guns were so expensive. I would log on
            Good game. I love this game but I would like to have a house to live in and but helicopters and boats to drive and buy houses to store you
            stuff and keep your cars and helicopters and boats in the game if you ad
            Needs more stuff. I like this but it needs more stuff like you git your one and only free car and sniper that has a scope you can look thorough and
            you can friend people and stuff
            PLZ ADD THIS. PLZ make dogs or cats be your pet and real jobs like be a cop and stuff and other people going in cars with other people and A LOT
            OF NEW CARS and trucks and we can go in BILDING it is so dumb that yo
            Great. Next update should be able to fly planes
            Wish there was first person. It is a great game but third person mode is just annoying to me
            Awesome but it needs first person mode. Needs first person mode and the people in adventure need to be able to drive cars
            It needs more. I love the game and everything but you should add more things like how in GTA and Saints Row they have phones you can use you can
            be able to send messages on the phone if you wanna have a private talk
            Fun game and stuff. But you should add where there are people driving car and you can steal there car
            Still needs more. First of all, can you allow people to go in the planes. And also add a first person mode. It can be switched through the options.
            This would add fun gameplay. Now if you don't add this it will never b
            Add new stuff. Add new stuff Like make it to were you are able to fly a airplane and you can have more people in a car and helicopter
            Worth it!. This is one of the best apps on the App Store. Spend the money! It now has almost constant updates and is adding amazing things
            all the time. It is a great, fun game. If you are looking for Gta on the
            Awesome Update!. The map is really big now it's so fun more like gtaBut it would be more awesome if you made the map even bigger add Mountains add
            dirt bikes and motor cycles add more detail to the world that would be
            To the app developers. This game is awesome but it needs a few things, first of all the cops should try to arrest you and not just blow ur brains out
            automatically, and i think that on adventure mode the pedestrians and cop
            PLESE ADD. How about addimg first person,make lvl 20 and each level u pass u get 20 coins,make more maps on both,plaese put this on the game
            it will make people blow their minds.
            Add more things. I think you should let us buy apartments.And we should be able to have a garage and store cars in them. Also let us fly fighter
            jets!It would make the game so much fun.
            Great game plz add more. Your game is amazing, but I would like it more if you added some stuff into your game. Add a car mechanic. He can save your cars
            and upgrade them. Add the submarine and the rest of underwater feature
            Good but more added!. The game is great in the way it functions but it would be way better with some added stuff and some things changed. For changed
            the weapons shouldn't cost so much, or money should be easier to obtain.
            Really improved!. When I first got this game I was bored and wanted to get a 0.99 game. I got this game and played it for a little, it was fun, but
            got boring fast. Every single multiplayer server was for dating (which
            Add this to. I liked when you were able to go in the City in Malti- player and fly airplanes
            I love it. The new up date I hate it wen I go on adventure wen it stops loading I brings Me to the home page
            Great but needs improvement. A few ideas• Jobs such as Police Officer, Solider, or Criminal.• Multiple Players in one car. • AL's drive cars.• Police
            Kill AL's that shoot at people.• A suburb area were you can own your
            Planes. If you have the planes in the army base why can't we use them so you should make it so theirs an airport and we can fly planes
            Airplanes. Add the drivable airplanes because what is the use of putting planes in an airbase if you don't need to drive them
            Natural - 10%
            Nothing like Gta!. Takes to many hits to kill someone. money is hard to learn is this like the new pixel gun? Where it's a pay2win? No cutscenes it's
            just a generic free Rome game that you read what you gotta do. And it
            Updates. Could you make gangsters get arrested if they shoot at you or stab you. Please make it so you can drive the jets including the
            cargo plane. Can you vehicle driving first person. I don't like the zombi
            Okay. It is not really fun the graphics are not really good and you can't go in first person view please fix.
            Fun but. This game was fun but what next that the game has been updated and it's boring and please fix it in next please
            My profit is poisoned!. -Star removed for my main argument.-Star removed for making tank turret unable to rotate.I like buying things, admitted. But when
            I accidentally buy a certain asset which I do not want, and have no wa
            Ok. It is ok, but I bought a gun and I didn't get it when I started playing!
            Hard to get around!. I can barley get to where I need to go to complete quests without 5-10 randomly shooting at me! On top of that every time I die I
            lose 10! To get that I have to kill someone then EVERYONE has a gun an
            It's good.. This game is great but there is two things that bug me. One: this game needs to have the option to be first-person Two: the look
            around box is too sensitive it makes me crazy!I hope you agree with me.
            What happened . What happened to this game I used to remember no time limits at is very annoying and the other thing we need to go inside building
            just like the real GTA I missed when people can just talk and hang ou
            Has potential but needs MORE. Would rate higher but needs apartments and NPCs driving
            Bugs. Game needs major fixes but other than that it's okay
            Good game, needs some fixes. I love this game, it is a great time killer and shooter. However there are a few issues that bug me to no end. For starters, the
            hit boxes on cars drive me insane. I might be at least 10 meters above


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