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List of games and applications published or developed by Bloomberg Finance LP
Bloomberg Radio+ image

Bloomberg Radio+
Bloomberg Finance LP
Sep 19, 2011
"Hands down the BEST APP for financial news."

Ratings: 4.00
Bloomberg Businessweek+ image

Bloomberg Businessweek+
Bloomberg Finance LP
Apr 11, 2011
"With friends & family. Use it on both my iPhone & iPad. Makes it very easy to clip & share vs old way of tearing out & copying. Also since you can go back 3 years, no need to save paper issues."

Ratings: 3.50
Bloomberg Anywhere image

Bloomberg Anywhere
Bloomberg Finance LP
Dec 31, 2010
"Great app that will be even better as more content and analytics are added"

Ratings: 3.50
Bloomberg image

Bloomberg Finance LP
Jul 11, 2008
"I was looking for a portfolio tracking tool that simply allowed me to enter my symbols, my position, and my price. This app does that. No account to sign into, no in app purchases necessary. It works "

Ratings: 3.50
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