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List of games and applications published or developed by Bloomberg Finance LP
Bloomberg Radio+ image

Bloomberg Radio+
Bloomberg Finance LP
Sep 19, 2011
"Good way to stay on top of headlines but with a lot of ads."

Ratings: 4.00
Bloomberg Businessweek+ image

Bloomberg Businessweek+
Bloomberg Finance LP
Apr 11, 2011
"I find Businessweek to be the best of all the online mags I read. I often tell other publisher to check out how well it runs. The quality of the articles are superb whether you agree with them or not."

Ratings: 3.50
Bloomberg Anywhere image

Bloomberg Anywhere
Bloomberg Finance LP
Dec 31, 2010
"Great app that will be even better as more content and analytics are added"

Ratings: 3.50
Bloomberg image

Bloomberg Finance LP
Jul 11, 2008
"Great app, I want to see an update that provides for a percent total gain/loss on watch lists. Currently provides only a monetary total gain/loss on watch lists."

Ratings: 3.50

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