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Call Guard image
$ 0.99

Call Guard
Carlos Ribas
Aug 17, 2010
"My proximity censor went out, Apple told me I was past my warranty date and would have to pay 120 for a replacement phone. This app is just what I needed. Thank you, thank you, thank you."
$ 0.99
75% OFF
Ratings: 4.50
HoursTracker Free - Time Tracking & Timesheet image

HoursTracker Free - Time Tracking & Timesheet
Carlos Ribas
Nov 06, 2009
"I work irregular hours as a tutor at a 2-year college. This makes it easy for me to track my time each day and have a summary for my time sheet each month."

HoursTracker - Time Sheet & Time Tracker image
$ 9.99

HoursTracker - Time Sheet & Time Tracker
Carlos Ribas
Jul 13, 2009
"Works great. If the web site was more robust I would have given it five stars."
$ 9.99

Ratings: 4.00
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