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My New Baby image

My New Baby
Genera Kids
Mar 27
"its hard to move stuff around but i would love if i could be in labor or be able to design a baby room or choose a boyfriend to marry. i am having trouble when it says not connected to the internet wh"

PlayTales Bookstore - Where kids read & play with interactive children

PlayTales Bookstore - Where kids read & play with interactive children's books
Genera Kids
Oct 20, 2010
"My son and daughter absolutely love this app. Tons of beautiful interactive books with a lot of popular characters. Highly recommended!"

I want to be a... Pirate image
$ 1.99

I want to be a... Pirate
Genera Kids
Jun 18, 2010
"Professional animation, artwork and navigation. This has become a favorite in our house. Delightful!"
$ 1.99
75% OFF
Ratings: 4.00
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