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List of games and applications published or developed by Nathalie Daumas
eVision Cast image
$ 1.99

eVision Cast
Dec 12, 2013
"If you are looking for non-US content, then this is a good app. US content is pretty much limited to news type channels. But what it does offer, it does a good job handling."
$ 1.99

Document Scanner Pro with OCR image
$ 2.99

Document Scanner Pro with OCR
Aug 16, 2013
"It took a little doing to figure out how this app works. But when you do, it returns good text from a printed page that needs very little editing. This will be a great help in my research."
$ 2.99

Voice Dictation for Notes - Dictate your notes with your voice instead of typing image
$ 1.99

Voice Dictation for Notes - Dictate your notes with your voice instead of typing
Jun 28, 2012
"I would like to give this app 5 stars but the one glaring problem is that the record button is awkward to push. I keep having to touch where the mic icon was & nothing would happen. Once it finally st"
$ 1.99

Ratings: 3.50
Voice Assistant -  Just use your voice image
$ 2.99

Voice Assistant - Just use your voice
Mar 27, 2012
"Fantastic Ap! A great help for those of us who would rather talk than type."
$ 2.99

Ratings: 4.50
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