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Viggle Versions and History

Welcome to Viggle version history and updates list at AppsMeNow, this page contains a detailed history of Viggle version releases and updates across all editions and platforms.

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Viggle updated list contains all recent versions as published from Viggle Inc on the mobile iOS store

Version History

Viggle Version 1.6.2

Updated Dec 20, 2013

Viggle Version 1.1.1

Updated Aug 01, 2012

Viggle Version 1.1.0

Updated Jul 23, 2012

Viggle Release date

Viggle Gets a Release Date: Jan 26 2012

Viggle Inc has finally published Viggle and revealed its release date : Jan 26 2012. We are really thrilled for Viggle Inc and wish them goodluck. The application will be available starting today at App stores. Pictures, details, users reviews and further information can be found at the full Viggle review.

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