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CSR Racing Version History and Updates

Welcome to CSR Racing updates at AppsMeNow, This page contains a detailed history of CSR Racing version releases and updates across all editions and platforms.

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CSR Racing updated list contains all recent versions as published from NaturalMotion Games Limited on the mobile iOS store

Update released Mar 25

CSR Racing Version 1.6.0

- Multiplayer Win Streak chaining - complete Win Streaks back-to-back to earn bigger RP Boosts
- Choose new cars more easily - you can now view cars by Tier in the Car Dealer

Update released Feb 26

CSR Racing Version 1.5.0

Customize your Garage
-Rearrange your vehicles how YOU want
Large Gas Tanks now available 
-Do more races, earn more money, and rise up the leaderboard faster
Earn stars faster
-The Mechanic can now tune your car in Race Your Friends
Turbocharge your season
-Boost your way to the prize car by hiring the whole Race Team for 24 hours
Race Your Friends better
-See your friends' license plate in their replay, upgrade your car from the results screen, and see all the friends you beat
-Tweeting from the game now gives you more cash #winning

Update released Dec 05, 2013

CSR Racing Version 1.4.0

• Race your garage collection against your Facebook friends
• Master each car's unique performance to microsecond perfection
• Beat your friends, climb the leaderboards, earn Stars and win cars
• FREE Exclusive Mini Cooper S RYF just for playing the new mode
• Earn the ultimate prize of an exclusive Pagani Zonda S 7.3 for your garage

Update released Nov 07, 2013

CSR Racing Version 1.3.0

Full support for Japanese*

Minor bug fixes and optimizations

*Please note: Japanese is not supported on iPhone 3GS, 4th Gen iPod touch and iPad 1

Update released Oct 02, 2013

CSR Racing Version 1.2.8

- Compatible with iOS 7
- Improved performance on iPhone 3GS, iPod touch 4th Gen, and iPad 1
- Minor bug fixes and optimizations

Update released Jun 24, 2013

CSR Racing Version 1.2.6

-Fix to profile-related bugs

Update released Jun 21, 2013

CSR Racing Version 1.2.5

Multiplayer just shifted up a gear
Got a garage stacked with hot rides? Get more RP for every car you have
- Select cars now give a temporary RP boost
- New prize cards that temporarily boost RP
- New prize cards that give free race crew
- Special 1st birthday loading screen
- Minor bug fixes

Update released Apr 22, 2013

CSR Racing Version 1.2.4

-Minor Bug Fixes

Season 2 is almost over

Update released Mar 13, 2013

CSR Racing Version 1.2.3

Get ready for a graphical SUPERCHARGE
- Cutting-edge lighting
- Enhanced reflections
- Stunning new effects
- Improved cameras
- Minor bug fixes

Season 1 is almost over Top 15% of players win the awesome Zonda R, so get racing now

Update released Jan 30, 2013

CSR Racing Version 1.2.2

- Closed a number of exploits in multiplayer
- Optimized accuracy of matchmaking system
- RP system optimizations
- Minor bug fixes

Get racing before Season One ends

Update released Dec 12, 2012

CSR Racing Version 1.2.0

MULTIPLAYER HAS ARRIVED Tier 5 drivers - you are cleared to Race the World

- New mode: Race the World
- New environment: Beach Front Drag Strip
- New supercars from Bentley, Dodge, McLaren and more
- New decals

Update released Oct 25, 2012

CSR Racing Version 1.1.1

The McLaren MP4-12C supercar is now available from the Car Dealership
- 8 unique decals for the MP4-12C
- Faster loading times
- Minor bug fixes

Update released Sep 22, 2012

CSR Racing Version 1.1.0

New in 1.1.0:
• Optimized for iPhone 5
• Minor Bug Fixes

Update released Sep 18, 2012

CSR Racing Version 1.0.9

New in 1.0.9:
• Minor Bug Fixes

Update released Aug 22, 2012

CSR Racing Version 1.0.8

New in 1.0.8
• Minor Bug Fixes

Update released Jul 17, 2012

CSR Racing Version 1.0.7

New in 1.0.7:
• Minor Bug Fixes

CSR Racing Release date

CSR Racing Gets a Release Date: Jun 28 2012

NaturalMotion Games Limited has finally published CSR Racing and revealed its release date : Jun 28 2012. We are really thrilled for NaturalMotion Games Limited and wish them goodluck. The application will be available starting today at App stores. Pictures, details, users reviews and further information can be found at the full CSR Racing review.

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