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Trigger Fist Version History and Updates

Welcome to Trigger Fist updates at AppsMeNow, This page contains a detailed history of Trigger Fist version releases and updates across all editions and platforms.

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Trigger Fist updated list contains all recent versions as published from Lake Effect Applications LLC on the mobile iOS store

Update released Dec 11, 2012

Trigger Fist Version 1.1

Expansion Pack now available
+ Two new maps (Rail Yard & Rooftops)
+ Character Customization
+ Over 18,000 Player Skin Combinations
+ Weapon Customization
+ Over 400 Weapon Skin Variations
+ Unlockable Chrome and Gold Guns
+ Exclusive Achievement Awards

+ Increased SCAR-H damage
+ Increased Beowulf .50 cal damage to enhance its one shot killing potential
+ Improved dynamic lighting on characters and guns for devices that support it

Update released Aug 21, 2012

Trigger Fist Version 1.02

Please make sure that your stats are synced with Game Center prior to updating.

+ Matchmaking tweaks

Content updates are in the works.

Thank you for supporting Lake Effect Applications. We are here to support you.

Update released Aug 16, 2012

Trigger Fist Version 1.01

+ Matchmaking optimizations
+ Fixed potential double tap aim issue where gun could unintentionally fire after reloading
+ If you are firing when you pick up the goat, you will now continue to fire when your pistol swaps in
+ Increased pistol damage slightly (Beretta, USP, Glock)

If you are experiencing any Game Center score syncing issues, we are currently working to fix them. Your stats will continue to save locally and you will not lose any progress.

Trigger Fist Release date

Trigger Fist Gets a Release Date: Aug 08 2012

Lake Effect Applications LLC has finally published Trigger Fist and revealed its release date : Aug 08 2012. We are really thrilled for Lake Effect Applications LLC and wish them goodluck. The application will be available starting today at App stores. Pictures, details, users reviews and further information can be found at the full Trigger Fist review.

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