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Welcome to Bike Race Free walkthrough guide at AppsMenow, this guide will assist by giving you answers, tips and strategy guides, for all of the most challenging levels of the game.

Got stuck at Bike Race Free and need a solution to continue to the next level? Are you looking for a video walkthrough, answers or guides? Here you can find help and get support from users and even ask them specific questions according to your needs.

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Everyone is welcome to share any guides in our iPhone Bike Race Free walkthrough, help each other by giving advice, solution, useful hints and step-by-step video walkthrough guide, which will assist all of us to beat Bike Race Free and even finish it in high scores.

◉ Best map layout for all levels
◉ Maps reference
◉ Tips to get full stars
◉ Walkthrough for 3 and 5 stars in all levels
◉ World guide
◉ Get strategy tips and more from the top players in the community
◉ Share and discover new strategies
◉ Video strategy guides
◉ Secret items unlocking guide
◉ Show you the app secret
◉ Walkthrough for achievements & Trophies

Bike Race Free Guides and Solutions

Here is a walkthroughs (41) for Bike Race Free, Will you find here everything you need for help you includes videos, tips and guides, solution for each level of this App.
This guide will provide you with all secrets and give you all the hints in order to pass every level perfectly.
Start now and get the best solutions for this App.


Bike Race Free Gameplay

Started by Oscar
May 01, 2012
Views: 10689
Tips and tricks

Bike Race Free Tips and tricks

Started by ประกาศ
Oct 29, 2012
Views: 10600


Here is a guide/walkthrough for The Desert

Bike Race Free Desert

Started by Soradeth
Jun 01, 2013
Views: 142
Level 1

Bike Race Free Level 1

Started by Penny
Jan 04, 2014
Views: 29
Desert level 2

Bike Race Free Desert level 2

Started by Mark
Jan 02, 2014
Views: 40
Desert level 3

Bike Race Free Desert level 3

Started by Olcay
Jan 02, 2014
Views: 29
levels 1-4

Bike Race Free levels 14

Started by Lpp
Nov 22, 2012
Views: 619
Level 5

Bike Race Free Level 5

Started by Maegan
Jan 04, 2014
Views: 32
level 6

Bike Race Free level 6

Started by รัก
Apr 14, 2013
Views: 107
Level 7

Bike Race Free Level 7

Started by Zachary
Jan 04, 2014
Views: 26
Desert levels 1-8

Bike Race Free Desert levels 18

Started by Kathleen
Oct 29, 2012
Views: 5446
Level 73

Bike Race Free Level 73

Started by Claudia
Jan 02, 2014
Views: 28


Here is a guide/walkthrough for The Arctic

Bike Race Free Arctic

Started by 陳悠悠
Jun 01, 2013
Views: 44
Arctic level 1

Bike Race Free Arctic level 1

Started by Marlon
May 15, 2014
Views: 22
Arctic level 2

Bike Race Free Arctic level 2

Started by Mahmoud
Jan 04, 2014
Views: 47
Arctic level 3

Bike Race Free Arctic level 3

Started by Andrea
Jan 04, 2014
Views: 17
Arctic level 4

Bike Race Free Arctic level 4

Started by Edith
Jan 04, 2014
Views: 11
Arctic level 6

Bike Race Free Arctic level 6

Started by Potae
Jan 04, 2014
Views: 15
Arctic level 7

Bike Race Free Arctic level 7

Started by Prudence
Jan 04, 2014
Views: 21
Arctic levels 1-8

Bike Race Free Arctic levels 18

Started by Keith
Oct 29, 2012
Views: 3580


Here is a guide/walkthrough for The Dunes


Here is a guide/walkthrough for The Hills


Here is a guide/walkthrough for The Beach


Here is a guide/walkthrough for The Savanna

Desert 2

Here is a guide/walkthrough for The Desert 2

Arctic 2

Here is a guide/walkthrough for The Arctic 2

Dunes 2

Here is a guide/walkthrough for The Dunes 2

Check out these new Bike Race Free levels:

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Complete app answers and video walkthroughs of the newest addition to the Bike Race Free app! All the latest video walkthrough and answers you need can be found here. We will assist you through the difficult parts of the app, achievements and everything! More Bike Race Free walkthrough for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch will be posted on this page once they are available.


Sep 12, 2014: Dunes levels 1-8 Updated
May 16, 2014: Beach level 4 Updated
May 16, 2014: Hills level 7 Updated

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The Bike Race Free app is optimised for iPhone 6, iPhone 5, iPhone 4, iPad, and iPod touch.

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