Welcome to the walkthrough for the iOS app Puzzle Craft, online wiki guide created by players. Puzzle Craft is an iPhone application developed by Chillingo Ltd. Our Puzzle Craft walkthrough will guide you through all levels, providing you with cheats, answers, helpful hints and solutions to help you beat the levels perfectly.

If you are stuck at any level of Puzzle Craft, just check out our online help where you can get support from users and also ask them specific questions.

Puzzle Craft Overview

Puzzle Craft is developed by Chillingo Ltd, available on iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, featuring exciting challenges on all levels. For more details on the app, check out our Puzzle Craft review.

◉ Crafting tips
◉ Useful tips for solving puzzles

Below are a few links where you can get help for specific levels in Puzzle Craft, which will be constantly updated with additional online help. Be sure to check back later for new updates, as soon as you need help with additional solutions to levels and online support.


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