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Stupid Zombies 2 levels 31-40 cheat – tips

Posted by Helena Christin Hansen on Mar 2, 2013 415 Views

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This is a walkthrough of Levels 31-40 in the arcade game Stupid Zombies 2.
100% gameplay for Stupid Zombies 2 level 31, level 32, level 33, level 34, level 35, level 36, level 37, level 38, level 39 and Stupid Zombies 2 level 40. Simply follow the instructions in the video walkthrough below.

Stupid Zombies 2 iOS game - levels 31-40 walkthrough

Stupid Zombies 2 App by GameResort LLC for iPhone/iPad.

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Full Stupid Zombies 2 videos and guides for each level available here.

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