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Room Escape: Walkthrough

Feb 20, 2013

Welcome to the Room Escape walkthrough where you’ll find useful tips, hints and video guides submitted by players, which will show you how to beat each level. We provide you with step-by-step user guides and videos to help you achieve 100% completion of the game.

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Room Escape for iPhone and iPad is a puzzle game, featuring exciting challenges on all levels. For more details on the app, check out our review.

Guide features:
◉ Room guide

Find the help for a specific level of Room Escape Floors by browsing the links below. These guides are constantly updated to help you make it to the next level.

Trailers & Gameplay Videos
At this moment there are no gameplays available for Room Escape.
Walkthroughs (6)
level-1-walkthrough-screenshotRoom Escape Level 1Jul 17, 2014, views: 21
level-3-walkthrough-screenshotRoom Escape Level 3Jul 17, 2014, views: 6
level-4-walkthrough-screenshotRoom Escape Level 4Jun 15, 2014, views: 7
level-5-walkthrough-screenshotRoom Escape Level 5Jul 17, 2014, views: 5
level-8-walkthrough-screenshotRoom Escape Level 8Jun 15, 2014, views: 8
level-9-walkthrough-screenshotRoom Escape Level 9Jul 17, 2014, views: 10
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