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LIMBO Game By LIMBO ApS / Playdead ApS

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LIMBO Game: Walkthrough

Welcome to the walkthrough for LIMBO Game. This guide can help you get through every level in the LIMBO Game game from beginning to end. It includes the best hints, tips and answers that will help you successfully complete all levels. We're also going to share with you some LIMBO Game cheats and tricks to help you!

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LIMBO Game is available through the App Store in the games category. For more details on the app, check out our review.

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Here's some LIMBO Game gameplay videos demonstrated on iPhone and Android, includes app reviews, previews, trailers and more. Watch and see what it's all about!

Levels - Walkthrough Guides

You will find an in-depth walkthrough for the levels of LIMBO Game below.

Title Date User Views
How to play LIMBO Game (iOS) Jul 3, 2013 Derrick 273
Limbo game - walkthrough episode 1 Jul 6, 2013 Ao 435
Limbo game - walkthrough level 02 Oct 24, 2013 Love 147
Limbo game - walkthrough level 3 Jul 14, 2013 Anthony 257
Limbo game - walkthrough part 2 Jul 6, 2013 Monique 230
Limbo game - walkthrough part 3 Jul 14, 2013 Elisha 249
Limbo game - walkthrough part 5 Nov 19, 2013 Lorena 137
Limbo game - walkthrough part 7 Oct 24, 2013 Rick 116
Limbo game - walkthrough part 8 Oct 24, 2013 Josh 147
Limbo game - walkthrough part 10 Oct 24, 2013 Małgorzata 111

Our walkthroughs videos for all levels will be live soon.

Please let us know if our team has missed a level or if you need help with a specific part of “LIMBO Game”.

Check out these LIMBO Game discussions by level:

Level 1 - 39

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Questions - Tips and Comments

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