Welcome to the walkthrough for the iOS app PixWords developed by Dekovir Inc. for the iPhone and iPad. This walkthrough contains solutions to all levels, including video guides, PixWords cheats, achievement/trophy walkthroughs and useful hints to help you beat the levels perfectly.

PixWords ios

If you are stuck at any level of PixWords, just check out our online help where you can get support from users and also ask them specific questions.

Quick Start Guide

  • PixWords is a free to play word game for iPhone. You can read a review and download it here
  • When you start PixWords for the first time, it will ask if you would like to turn on push notifications. You can change this at any time via your settings.
  • If you will get a popup message informing you the new update is available, click "ok" to continue. The update will then install for a few minutes. All updates will be here
  • Once your PixWords profile is created, tap on Start to begin playing.

Below are a few links where you can get help for specific PixWords levels, which will be constantly updated with additional tutorial guides.

Be sure to check back later for new updates, as soon as you need help with additional solutions to levels and online support.


Walkthrough Title

Level 50 Walkthrough Guide

Started by Sandra
Jan 31, 2014
Views: 2939

Level 100 Walkthrough Guide

Started by Jerrilynn
Jan 31, 2014
Views: 421
Jan 31, 2014
Views: 354

Level 200 Walkthrough Guide

Started by มัทนา
Jan 31, 2014
Views: 151

Level 250 Walkthrough Guide

Started by Vuyokazi
Feb 1, 2014
Views: 148

Level 300 Walkthrough Guide

Started by Kirsten
Feb 1, 2014
Views: 116

Level 327 Walkthrough Guide

Started by Michelle
Feb 1, 2014
Views: 150
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