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What's that Shadow??: Walkthrough Guide

Aug 16, 2013, iOS

Welcome to the walkthrough for the iOS game What's that Shadow??. Here you can find hints, cheats and guides that will help you complete the game. Watch our collection of What's that Shadow?? tips, solutions and other user submitted walkthroughs vidoes for iPhone and Android devices. We will continually update the guide with new videos and content, so make sure it's bookmarked and check back frequently. If you still have any questions that you can't find answers to in our walkthrough, feel free to ask for help in the comments section below.

What's that Shadow??
By: ThinkCube Inc

background what's that shadow??

What's that Shadow?? was released on Aug 15, 2013 and is available on the App Store for free. It featuring exciting challenges on all levels. For more details on the app, check out our What's that Shadow?? review.

Downloan on the appstoreWhat's that Shadow?? (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad)

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Trailers & Gameplay Videos
level-10-walkthrough-screenshotLevel 10 WalkthroughAug 19, 2013, views: 116
level-20-walkthrough-screenshotLevel 20 WalkthroughAug 19, 2013, views: 341
level-30-walkthrough-screenshotLevel 30 WalkthroughAug 19, 2013, views: 363
level-40-walkthrough-screenshotLevel 40 WalkthroughAug 19, 2013, views: 329
level-50-walkthrough-screenshotLevel 50 WalkthroughAug 19, 2013, views: 454

Walkthrough Sections (25)

Title Date User Length Views
What's that Shadow?? Level 60 Walkthrough Guide Aug 19, 2013 Dani 51 seconds 422
What's that Shadow?? Level 70 Walkthrough Guide Aug 19, 2013 Colin 51 seconds 353
What's that Shadow?? Level 80 Walkthrough Guide Aug 23, 2013 -Xian 51 seconds 186
What's that Shadow?? Level 90 Walkthrough Guide Aug 19, 2013 顧欣珮 51 seconds 323
What's that Shadow?? Level 100 Walkthrough Guide Aug 19, 2013 Chandara 51 seconds 339
What's that Shadow?? Level 110 Walkthrough Guide Aug 23, 2013 Kimberly 51 seconds 233
What's that Shadow?? Level 120 Walkthrough Guide Aug 23, 2013 Miguel 51 seconds 229
What's that Shadow?? Level 130 Walkthrough Guide Aug 23, 2013 Phill 51 seconds 166
What's that Shadow?? Level 140 Walkthrough Guide Aug 19, 2013 Nina 51 seconds 113
What's that Shadow?? Level 150 Walkthrough Guide Aug 19, 2013 Sandro 51 seconds 151

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