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Smash Hit Walkthrough

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Welcome to the Smash Hit Walkthrough

Here you will find strategy guides, solutions and answers for the game, guiding you through all levels getting to successful completion of the iOS app "Smash Hit", for use on iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

Smash-Hit-main-walkthrough Smash-Hit-second-walkthrough

Got stuck and need a solutions to continue to the next levels? use our walkthroughs!

If you are unable to find a solution in our Smash Hit walkthrough, you can get help from Appsmenow's players or give your advice to all levels here.

Guides and Tips

Below are a few links where you can get help for specific levels in Smash Hit, which will be constantly updated with additional walkthroughs.

If you would like to add your own guides or any useful tips for Smash Hit, please use the comments box below.

Smash-Hit-GameplayHow to play Smash HitGameplay
on Mar 06 by Lia
Smash-Hit-Levels-0-4Levels 0 - 4Levels 0 - 4
on Mar 24 by Asbjørn
Smash-Hit-3-stars3 stars3 stars
on Mar 07 by Hotton
Smash-Hit-Level-1Level 1Level 1
on Mar 08 by Zeny
Smash-Hit-Level-2Level 2Level 2
on Mar 08 by CaRen
Smash-Hit-Level-3Level 3Level 3
on Mar 13 by Minerva
Smash-Hit-Level-4Level 4Level 4
on Mar 08 by Heather
Smash-Hit-Level-5Level 5Level 5
on Aug 20 by Dawn
Smash-Hit-Level-6Level 6Level 6
on Mar 09 by Santiago
Smash-Hit-Level-7Level 7Level 7
on Mar 11 by Peach
Smash-Hit-Level-8Level 8Level 8
on Mar 15 by Joan
Smash-Hit-Level-9Level 9Level 9
on Mar 10 by Donna
Smash-Hit-Level-10Level 10Level 10
on Mar 12 by Jennifer
Smash-Hit-Level-11Level 11Level 11
on May 07 by Chaiyapong
Smash-Hit-Level-100Level 100Level 100
on Apr 07 by Piem
Smash-Hit-Level-2015Level 2015Level 2015
on May 17 by Nunzio
Smash-Hit-Levels-5-9Levels 5 - 9Levels 5 - 9
on Apr 03 by Liu
Smash-Hit-Levels-7-9Levels 7 - 9Levels 7 - 9
on Apr 08 by Sue
Smash-Hit-Levels-9-10Levels 9-10Levels 9-10
on Mar 15 by Sagittarius
Smash-Hit-Levels-10-11Levels 10 - 11Levels 10 - 11
on May 09 by Adam

Latest Updates

Aug 20: Level 5 Updated
May 17: Level 2015 Updated
May 09: Levels 10 - 11 Updated

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Smash Hit

Smash Hit is a unique arcade application developed by Mediocre AB and released for the iOS on March 06, 2014.


You can find these things in this guide:
- Solutions for all puzzles
- Strategies for All Missions
- unlock all achievements
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